Profit With Hangouts Review Update – Are Fast Profits Possible?

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It’s been far too long since I last posted. I’ve been busy trying out Frank Schwarz and Anthony Aires training Profit With Hangouts with a view to ranking Hangouts on Google and seeing if it was possible to earn an income from them.

In my previous post I mentioned briefly about how I was using Google Hangouts to make commissions using the methods in Launch Jacking Boss and Emergency Christmas Cash. I’m going to expand on that here.

Setting Up

The course doesn’t tell you much about getting into a Google Hangout and setting it up. But I’ve found it fairly simple (Frank does help you out when you ask questions in Facebook Group).

Personally, I go into uploads menu on my YouTube channel and click on Google + Hangouts on Air and it takes you to the hangout where you name it. (The first time you do it you need to connect your YouTube channel to its Google + profile).

What I’ve been doing is preparing a slide show and putting that in present mode. Then, when I’ve launched the hangout I click on screen share and select the presentation, start the hangout and then present.  You can see an example of this with my Instant Commissions Exposed Hangout here: (Not my finest work.)

The other method I’ve used is to do an inside look at a product I’ve bought or received a review copy. You can see my YouTube Annihilation review here:

You can see on both of these Hangouts I’m in hiding and don’t appear on the video at all.

Both of these rank well but no commissions yet unfortunately. But it’s not all doom and gloom on that front.


I have set up a separate YouTube channel to help track my results. I’ve put up 40 hangouts since the beginning of January. They’ve all managed to get on the first page of Google and YouTube, not all of them have stuck there but a lot have.

It’s one of those things. You know others are trying to beat you as soon as you are at the top.  Also, as you add more videos to the channel it gains in authority through views, likes and subscribers which help to keep the videos ranking high. In some cases I’ve managed to have 5 Hangouts ranking in positions 1 to 5 for the product name at the time of the product’s launch.

Once you have a system together, I’ve found it becomes fairly straightforward to achieve the rankings. It takes more time doing the preparation, optimization, embedding and linking than it does to record the Hangout , the same as it is with any of these type of review videos. It does seem you have to do less to get the recorded Hangout to rank. (It automatically records on your YouTube channel).


It’s nice being able to rank videos, but whether you can actually make money from them is what you really want to achieve. It took me some time and a number of Hangouts before I started to earn anything. This was about getting more confident in presenting,speaking quicker, working out what was important to communicate and choosing the right offers. (I’ve gone for the ones I liked the look of and would be interested in buying myself – which I have done a number of times).

The Hangouts are reviews, and initially I couldn’t get them to convert. One of the offers I did buy YouTube Affiliate Madness (a link to my Hangout review) helped me with how you need to structure a review video and also the psychology behind the people you are reviewing the product for.

After a slow start I’ve managed to earn $212 in commissions, mostly in the last 2 weeks.

Next Steps

I’m going to try using a Google Hangout in a different niche to see if I can get the same results. I had a site that had a page ranking at number one for a low competitive keyword. It was earning between $50 – $100 a month until it slipped to the bottom of the second page due to changes in Google.

My intention is to follow the Profit With Hangouts techniques to see if the Hangout will rank on the first page on Google. I’ll also embed it on the page that was ranking and see if that will help to improve its ranking and get it back to the top half of Google’s page one.

I do currently have a site from a RAM campaign currently at number 2 (earning some income from it too) on the first page of Google – so it will be interesting to see what happens to it, if things go to plan with my Google Hangout. I’ll post something more on the weekend to let you know my rankings etc.

It’s been great seeing my Hangout’s ranking so well and earning some commissions. There easy to make too, and as you can see from my Hangouts you don’t have to be polished or even appear on them to be successful with them.

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