Pot Pie Girl’s Reverse Attack Marketing Review Part 8 – The Results Are In

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It’s been awhile but I am going to finally reveal my results in using the Reverse Attack Marketing and what my thoughts are on this course overall.

I started using the methods at the end of September and through October, November and part of December. I bought some more shiny new objects and these distracted me, plus I was a bit disappointed in my results. In addition one of the main sites used to rank and monetize closed down. (Read on or skip to the end if you want to see what I think now, – it’s changed).

Being part of the RAM Google+ community did help as Jennifer did teach other options to help with the changes (and they did). That was a big help to me.

She was also working on updating the course materials for the changes made by the free sites and the results of her own tests. She has just released the updated course and from my initial reading it looks like she has improved the original course and made it more user friendly than ever.

Before moving on to my thoughts on Reverse Attack Marketing, here are my stats:
(There are three phases to old RAM – pick keywords, test then make a campaign).

The Results Are In:

# Tests 225
# Campaigns 49
# Hours 78 (none since the 8 December)
# Ranking on Page One 14 (for keywords I’m monitoring).
# Clicks to Offer 2308
Commission Earned $367 ($270 in January).

When I checked the results I was pleasantly surprised. These results make me think I should have stayed the course – almost Fields Of Dreams style – “If you build it they will come” (sales in this case). There are some costs to deduct from this of $120. Net result to date is $247. The return on hours is low, but I am just getting started on this (even if I’ve already taken a break). I’ve not worked on this since 8 December so my hourly rate is going up and this residual income (passive?) will continue to be earned from the work I did in the past. For me this is a very good result compared to things I’ve did in the past where they end up just costing money.

It is not unusual to have to put in some work before you see any real results with anything – well that’s the way it seems to work for me any way. (It could be I’m a bit slow on the uptake).

I’ve not been fully through the new updated Reverse Attack Marketing guide, but it does look really good, and Jennifer Ledbetter must have put a lot of work into updating it for her new findings and the changes on the internet marketing. So, it is reassuring that she has updated her course, I’m not sure there are too many people who update their course so soon after releasing and continue to stand by it like she has.

What Do I Think?

The course material is very good. It is well laid out and easy to follow. The Google+ group is very active, full of good stuff and Jennifer is in there helping people out and updating the group with her latest findings.

The course works and you can rank quickly on Google and make money. It shows you that it is still possible to rank highly on Google. It teaches you a new way to think and act in regards to search engine marketing which is valuable too as this is where the long term results will come from. It took me longer than I would have liked to see results but if I knew what I now know I’d have put more time into this and stayed on top of it and ignored some of the shiny new objects that have distracted me.

So My Final Decision

Reverse Attack Marketing is an excellent course for beginners and for those with more experience it shows you how to get more traffic to your site without relying on Google. I really like the way Jennifer Ledbetter has updated the course and plays an active role in Google+ group.

As for me I’m going to start implementing the updated course and learn more ways to rank quickly on Google. It has been a bit of a roller-coaster but I’m now seeing the results I hoped for, so it is definitely worth continuing – it’s great to see rankings but even better to have it proved to you that you can earn using the internet.

To summarize – its a great course, well laid out, it takes some work, Jennifer and the Google+ Group are fantastic –  the results will come if you follow the course, implement it and keep asking questions and learning.

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