Pinplosion Review Update 1

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While implementing the Straight Line strategy by Erica Stone I have also been using her Pinplosion strategy to get more traffic to the site. I talked a little bit about my success in my update on Straight Line here.

The first thing I had to do was re-organize my Pinterest boards into better categories and then go get some followers. I had none at the start of this. I now have 307 followers.

What has happened that I find interesting and encouraging is that a number of my pins for review posts are ranking on the first 2 pages of Google while others are nowhere to be seen. They take a lot less time than writing a review post as there is not much writing to do. An example of the pins I’ve created are below.

Example Review

So nothing fancy at all and this may partly explain the low levels of traffic I’ve seen so far. Since I started Pinplosion I’ve had X visits. The other reason is that I have not been that active in adding Pins and following people until the last couple of weeks.  Also my niche is not the most Pinterest friendly one that there is – It’s not weddings or fashion which seem to be what I see most of in my feed from Pinterest.

The rankings that I’ve found when checking my posts rankings are:

Review 1 Ranking positon 10

Review 10 Ranking positon  10

Review 8 Ranking positon 5

Review 3 Ranking positon 10

To me this is encouraging – you can rank Pins and get clicks and I think with the right images pinned you would see more traffic to your site especially in a more popular niche. So I’m going to improve the quality of my images to be more appealing. I also need to be more selective in the people I follow.

I also have started a site that is an Amazon store where it looks like a shop and you click through to Amazon to buy. I’m setting my boards up as described in the Pinplosion guide and following people. I’ll be adding pins that go back to my site to see what happens in the next week as I have been building up my boards a

I do know you can get a lot of traffic from Pinterest to your sites – I’ve got one where I get 50 – 100 visitors a day but it does not make too much in commission from it. It was “slapped by Google”  so I never really continued setting it up for earning so needs to be set up better for earning commissions.

My Steps

It was the rankings of the Pins for review keywords that got me interested in seeing what could happen with the Amazon store site. Also, Erica in the OBI forum discusses further how she earns commissions from sites from traffic that is just from Pinterest following the Pinplosion strategy – so I thought I’d give it a go to see what happens while continuing to build out my Straight Line review site and hopefully earn some commissions along the way.

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