PinPlosion Review Part 2 – Setting Up Boards And Getting Traffic

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Time to get on with my next post on implementing and reviewing of Erica Stone’s PinPlosion. Since my previous post I’ve been busy setting up my Pinterest boards as described in the course, so I’m now all set for the targeted traffic.

I do need to improve the look of my pins and I’ll be using the free site recommended to get that done. It’s easy to use as I’ve been having a play with it. The next post I make on my Straight Line review site is going to have a more eye catching post that hopefully encourages people to re-pin and click on to my site.

The next section is about getting followers. It starts with some good points on who you want to follow and who not to follow for best results.

As always with Erica’s courses there is a resource that can help with picking who to follow. I’ve done my following and I’m getting people following back. That feels good for some reason.

Next there are tips on how to make sure your pins get noticed in the avalanche of new pins that are pinned every second. Some good tips to try out now I’ve got some followers.

Next there is a URL to see if any of your pins have been repined. I checked out my site and I’m only the one who has pinned images from my site to Pinterest – how disappointing is that? Never mind – I expected it.

You can also rank Pinterest boards in Google and you are given what to look for to find words to rank for. I’ll have to do some digging for these words and give it a try once I’ve got some more content up on my site.

There are good tips on getting your pins to get noticed. I’ve started the process and I’ll have to see what happens. Okay, that’s been done and I’ll have to see what happens now to see if I’m approved.

Next there is a discussion on checking Google and Pinterest analytics once a week to see what is going on and what to look for. Then there is a list of tasks to do each day to  grow your following and get more traffic to your site.

And that’s it. I’ve been through the course.

My Next Steps

Before I started this I had 2 followers on Pinterest, no re-pins and no traffic from Pinterest. I intend spending time each day adding followers and pins to my boards but I intend to be careful not to spend too much time on this as I think my main task at the moment is getting more content on to my review site.

I’ll include some more stats for traffic from Pinterest to my 2 weekly report on Straight Line review site progress update reports. I’m not sure I’ll be able to tell the source of my clicks to Amazon and sales  -whether they are Google or Pinterest. This may be something to look at later once I’ve got some sales to measure – I guess – for now I would be happy I’ve got a sale.

My Thoughts So Far

PinPlosion is an excellent course. If you have the Pinfabulous course you could use this to get traffic to your site from Pinterest – as I think it would work well with it.

I’ve learned a lot from the course and I’ve implemented most of it already with some bits to do as I post more to my site. I just need to wait to see if I get targeted traffic to my site now and my first report on this will be Saturday.

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