What Is The Perfect Amazon Product Niche?

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What Is The Perfect Amazon Product Niche_This is a recent question  I came across.

The quick answer is that there isn’t one.  Having said that the answer is it is the one that you can make a good income promoting.

Which is another way of saying it depends. That’s never a favorite answer and it frustrates me when I see the answer.

But that is unfortunately the best answer because all product niches have their pluses and minuses. And that is the way you evaluate what is the best niche for a person to promote (I’ve changed the question as there isn’t a perfect one).

If you are beginner and don’t know where to start it comes down to evaluating various niches to come up with a list to determine which is right for you – then choosing one and getting started.

Looking at this from an affiliate marketing point of view there are 5 questions that you can ask yourself to find that niche

  1. What are you interested in or have knowledge about or have problems?

The place to start to find the niche you want to promote is to look at what you know about. You want to think about what you’ve bought recently, what do you like to talk about or what problems do you have. This helps to generate ideas. Take a look around your home and observe your conversations as to what comes up. Note them all down as ideas for further research.

If you are struggling for ideas you can look at magazine and book titles to see if they spark an idea or two.

  1. Do Amazon have products that are related to these things?

The next step in the filtering process is to take a look at Amazon.  Look through their product listing and categories to see if they sell anything that is related to the ideas you generated in step 1.

If they don’t then you need to cross the niche(s) off your list. This step can also help in generating further ideas of product niches.

  1. Do people buy these products?

This is looking at the products and seeing how they rank on the best sellers lists and how many reviews there are from verified buyers as well as others.

1 or 2 reviews over a year is not really be a great product to promote unless they are very expensive products and you only need a few sales in the whole niche to make a reasonable income a year, but that is the exception – best to keep at products that sell more frequently.


  1. Are people searching online for the products or have questions the products will solve?

If they sell well on Amazon it is probably a good bet that people search for them online but it is worth checking using a keyword tool (like Jaaxy) to show you if people actually are looking to buy the product. Also it is worth checking if they are searching for problems that can be solved by the products you are promoting.

  1. How much competition is there and can you compete?

Although it is possible to compete in all niches through time and money. It is better to assess and find one where the competition isn’t quite as intense or you can find a way in to a niche where you can rank easier.

Your competition is the first page of Google for searches as most people don’t go beyond this and most only look at the first 3 positions. This is what you need to be able to beat with your content to get people to your site.

  1. What type of posts do these products require?

This is more for thinking about what type of writing you want to do – shorter posts or longer more involved posts as the main money earner

Are they complicated and expensive products or are they simpler products and cheaper products. The more complicated they are the longer posts and more in depth research is needed to give people what they are looking for.

The “perfect” Amazon product niche is down to you selecting one that is the right one for you that you can stick with long enough to be successful with it.

After this is looking at how you set up your blog and posts to engage and inform visitors to help with their search for answers about their problems so that they click on your affiliate link and buy the product or something else on Amazon.  Then there is promoting your posts and getting to the top of Google.

P.S If you want to learn more about finding that “perfect niche”  and develop an affiliate marketing business I recommend you check out Pajama Affiliates Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing (My Review here ) or Erica Stone’s Extreme Review (My Review here) and see my comparison here. They both well put togethe courses by successful Amazon Affiliate Marketers but with differing delivery styles and type of products promoted.

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