Part 4 Review Of Pajama Affiliates – Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners

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Back again on day 4 of the Pajama Affiliates Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners review. I’m enjoying the course and there is a lot of good information in it. I’m looking forward to seeing what is included in the Blog set up when it’s released next week or so.

No messing around this time, let’s get back into going through the course.

Step 10 Finding Keywords

This is another of those frustrating things – finding keywords. The other 2 things I find are finding a niche (see review 1 they did a reasonable job on this) and finding a name (see below). It’s just one of those things and not the course’s problem or other courses for that matter. It’s just the way it is.

On to the course, you can use the paid tool or a free tool that is very strangely named to say the least.

Keywords are what people search for online – they are like questions. It’s what they want answer too.

This step has 2 videos. First one is 12 minutes long. Interesting stuff on finding keywords for a blog post. They show you how to use them later – there is an example on Lrsely’s website you can checkout to see how she uses the ones she found out.

There is a good explanation of what to choose as keyword. They all make sense to me.

Video 2 – this wouldn’t play at first but after I’d refreshed the page I was away again. This one is just nder 5 minutes and talks about buyer focused posts.

This is very good and there are couple of examples shown to show what is a buyer focused keyword post and what isn’t. The difference is important in getting sales.

Using the keyword tool I’ve managed to come up with some ideas for posts by playing around with it.

Step 11 Choosing A Domain Name

I would have thought this would be earlier of the course. Good ideas here about choosing your blog name and domain name. Nothing about buying it though – might see that when the set up  blog comes in. I’ve got some ideas on what I’ll call my blog from the discussion here.

This was just a text section easy to read and understand.

Step 12 Keyword Placement and Visual Appeal

Seems a bit strange to have the domain name picking step between this and step 10!

THe first part of it is text.

There is list of where you should use the main keyword and then where others should go for good SEO. It does seem a little prescriptive but seems to work well.

There is good point on how to use the keywords in text too that oyu need ot ensure you do.

The video goes through one of Lesley’s post and shows you where you put the keywords on your page. It is pretty quick so you may want to stop the video and look at the post and write down notes to follow through on this.

It certainly has made me think about how i’m structuring my posts on my sites and how to help them get going.

The video going through the explanation on how to use them is great. It is really intersting to see how a succesful blog post is structured under this method. I like how Lesley talks about making it for the visitor and how you get personality into the posr. I’ll be adding that in to my posts from now on.

It helps to make the page more interesting to the reader. Plus there is talk on best way to convert the visitor to click links to go to the seller.

The next video is on 5 tips for SEO by Robin. Thesre are 5 good tips in there. They do repeat some of the other video but they are in nice list that makes it easier to write down and tick off as you complete the post.

 Step 13 Let’s Talk About Blog Content

This is  text section and it talks about how to get your thinking hat on to produce valuable content. There iare good points on how to get started to produce something unique and interesting.

There a good link out to some questions that Google is trying to answer with its search engine. Even better there is a link to helping you write better titles.

This part is jam packed with good ideas. This I think is my favorite so far and I’ll be coming back to it often. There is a lot ot take in but it is worth going through slowly and repeatedly to get the point of what makes good blog content.

It doesn’t run through an example but they are coming up.

I’m going to leave it here for now as I’m going to update my other blogs. Yes a real high point ot finish off on.

My Thought So Far

I’m still very much liking the Pajama Affiliates Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners. The explanations are clear and I agree with their approach to writing blog posts. I like the way they choose keywords for the post and explain that too.

One of the most surprising and excellent things is the sharing of their successful blogs and posts to help explain the steps. Most people show an old or one that didn’t do much or the xreate an example for the course. I’m not sure I’d do it myself but I am glad they did it – it does add a lot to the learning experience I think know it is a real live post that earns money.

I’m not sure I agree with some of the sequencing as I’d have naming your blog before set up (which it may be when it’s released in February).

But it is shaping up to be a great beginners guide to blogging and making money online.

I do like what I’m seeing at the facebook group. It is active and the mebers help each other out. Robin and Lesley are in there helping too.

So all in all it is getting the big thumbs up.

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