Part 3 Review Of YouTube Power Slam 2.0 By Cliff Carrigan

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It’s a couple of days since I posted here. I’ve had a busy weekend helping my son move to London for university. I did manage to get some work done, where I did some research using the YT Power Slam 2.0 Promise 2 Cheat Sheet

I’ve got this information together and I can see some of the videos with the highest ranking in Google look to be easier to beat than others. I’ve not yet come across definite guidance on how to determine when it is not worth going for – for instance – it’s not worth trying to be a video with 3000 views. (This might come later in the course or maybe just a case of testing).

I also went through the chapter on social proof – this is about views, likes and comments. In this section it talks about the dangers of getting too much social proof by paying for them etc, and getting them too quickly as they don’t look right. Not surprisingly you do need some for ranking and to build some credibility. I think the main message you need to be careful when self promoting your videos. There is no information given on what is exactly too much

One of the pieces of software he includes helps to get these social signals to your video. I downloaded it and set it up without any trouble. You need to set up accounts with 3 sites (free to join). So far it’s easy and I have seen social proof to the video I have entered into the sites.

The other software program looks handy too, and will save time when analyzing your competition. (This would have helped me when doing my analysis earlier).

The next chapter is about backlinks. Interesting he has a different view on backlinks to the mainstream and their importance to ranking. He gives 3 different ways you can build links listed from best to worst to help with ranking. I like the last part of this where he discusses keyword research and how that can help in speed and in reducing the costs involved while getting the same or better result.

M8- Advanced Video Tactics

This starts off talking about how different variables need to be looked at if your goal is to rank highly in YouTube than on Google and YouTube.

Then we’re into what’s needed to rank on YouTube. Mostly this can be achieved with the tactics already discussed. Chris thinks it’s not worth pursuing if you haven’t ranked using these tactics as you need to get aggressive and it can cost you a lot of money  and your account may get closed.

When looking at Google and YouTube he talks about looking at the first page of Google to see if a video is already ranking – this is seen as a positive sign. A very competitive keyword will mean doing what you did in ranking just on YouTube plus more aggressive tactics.

The caution is given – is it worth it – when you can rank for other keywords using the non-advanced tactics and possibly make more money in a quicker period time?

This is different to what I have read in other course on YouTube video ranking where they seem very keen for you to buy gigs at fiverr to boost your rankings as quickly as possible. I like what Cliff is saying in the YT Power Slam 2.0 course – it makes sense to go for words that won’t cost a fortune, reduces the chance of getting banned and there is a chance you can earn as much if not more anyway.

M9 – Video Tips

This one includes  8 different tips on ranking and creating videos.

The first tip is about what to do if your video is not ranking as expected is about doing some research into your competitor’s videos.

Tip 2 is about using your competitor’s research and taking their rankings – he admits it’s dirty but “all’s fair in love and war” and in marketing too.

Next tip is about how to deal with competitors trying to beat you.

Tip 4 – is about a way of identifying good keywords and variations thereof that aren’t being used properly

Tip 5 – is on making sure you are honest when making videos and how to achieve it. I agree with what he says here

Tip 6 – This tip is about how to maximize profits and makes a lot of sense. He makes fun of checking the earnings on the affiliate site by hitting refresh

Tip 7 – A way to get people to buy through your affiliate link.

Tip 8 – Is on how to make videos that will convert and a statement as to what people want when looking for reviews. This makes sense to me.
I’ve liked the chapters today and in particular the approach taken in YouTube Power Slam 2.0 on ranking videos without being aggressive and that there is plenty of opportunities other than on the highly competitive keywords.

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