Pajama Affiliates Set Up a WordPress Site in One Day Review Part 2

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Pajama Affiliates Set Up a WordPress Site in One Day ReviewHello, back with the 2nd part of my review of Pajama Affiliates Set Up a WordPress Site in One Day. It’s been a good course so far. I did get this as part of the Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course which makes for a good deal as there is plenty of good stuff in there for new and those with a little more experience as I found out.

What’s In The Course (cont.)

Yesterday was about getting your blog up on the website. Today we are up to installing plug ins and getting eready to start blogging. The first is about adding more security to your site to stop (well make it harder really) hackers from getting access to your site.

Important Security And Back Ups

It goes through what a plug in and making the settings to security plug in. It is all clear making it easy to follow along. It does go through it fairly quick and you do need to keep stopping and starting to get the settings, It does mean flicking between screens. It would be great if there were some screen shots you could printout to make the setting changes to the security plug in. Or if I had two screens.

Next is backing up your site. There is some interesting information about the plug ins and the license they are under that I’ve never heard before.
There is a step missed out about setting it up. Or the screen has changed. One part you do need to let the video move along a little bit to get to new screen.

Well that got a bit complicated with where you send your back ups to be stored. It’s going take a couple of run-throughs and stop-start to get that done. It is clear I just found it too fast and I could feel myself starting to switch off but that was just the nature of what is being explained, the video itself is clear and step by step. A link to the location where the plug-in is would be nice.

SEO And Speeding Up Your Site

Next up is a plug-in that helps with the site speed. I like how Mark explains where you can find it after you’ve installed it into your site. I’ve spent too much time trying to find plug-ins once when you’re not told where to find them. This is quick and to the point and nothing to complex although again you do need to go through it slowly and stop start to get the settings done.

Next is a SEO plug in and it is popular one. That was much easier. Set up takes only a few moments and video gives some tips on how to use for improving SEO posts.

Important Compliance

Next are disclosures and policies you need on your website. These are explained clearly. It is a mixture of video and text. This is covered in the Home Blogging Course.

Next is how to add Google Adsense. This is also covered in the Home Blogging Course. These 2 sections explain eveything very well and I’ve made changes to my sites as a result to keep them up to date.

Making The Most Of Social Media

Next is Social Media set up pages.

Now this is something I’ve not been through before. This looks “cool” I need to be adding this to all my sites. I’ve done this to one of my Extreme

Review sites and it makes the Pinterest images look so much better – hopefully they’ll be much more clicks from Pinterest as a result.
It takes a little to go through but definitely worth it for how good your posts look on Social media.

Next is on how to use the SEO plug in to help with SEO sharing. This also helps with getting better images and I’ve made some changes to my existing sites because of it.

The next video shows you how you can get the best looking posts for FaceBook. It is a quick video and very clever, it works well too.

Your First Post And Images

Next is about creating a blog post. This is good for beginners.Very step by step with good explanations

The final videos cover images and uploading to your post. They are easy to follow and give good tips.

And that’s the end of the course.

What Do I Think Of It

The Pajama Affiliates Set Up a WordPress Site in One Day is full of good information for beginners and there is some good points for more experienced bloggers too.

There’s the social media set up, security and backing up your website. Only thing I didn’t like was the missing how to create logos and favicons.

But that aside this is another very good course from the Pajama Affiliates – Robin & Lesley (and Mark Rudder too). I think it’s best to get it as part of the Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course but it does well work on its own too, if you just want to know how to set up a secure optimized blog that you own to get started blogging. And then there is the very good Facebook page to join up for more tips and support.

Pajama Affiliates Set Up a WordPress Site in One Day Review Part 1

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