Pajama Affiliates Set Up a WordPress Site in One Day Review

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Pajama Affiliates Set Up a WordPress Site in One DayAs part of the Home Blogging And Affiliate Marketing Course I got access to the Pajama Affiliates Set Up a WordPress Site in One Day! I’ve been waiting for this as it has just been released.

You can buy it separately if you don’t want to buy their affiliate marketing course and just want help with setting up WordPress.

With that fact in mind that some may just want the WordPress set up course I’m doing this review separate to my Home Blogging series.

First things first then, let’s take a look at:

How The Sales Page Stack Up

The first part discusses about why you should WordPress rather than other free options. It says it can cost you everything if you do – the free sites can change their rules at any time or go out of business and you might lose everything or find a way to transfer across.

Many people found that out I guess when Squidoo changed what it allowed on its’ site and closed down a huge amount of pages. So it’s not just scaremongering!

The next is about WordPress flexibility – I agree with that.

Following on is that it is going to be presented by Mark Rudder. I don’t know much about him and there is a little explained in the following paragraph before we go straight into what the course covers.

Looking at the list of what the course covers – it looks comprehensive and there is rich pins too, security against hackers and backups. Looks good.

It does cover stuff for newbies as well as plug ins and site speed which can all help with visitor experience and rankings in the search engines.

Next is a reminder of why you should build a WordPress site on domain you own rather than a free site.

Just a little bit more about Mark Rudder – sounds like he knows about WordPress.

It does seem like a comprehensive WordPress set up course.

The Buying Process

As I got it as part of the Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course there was no need to go through the buying process. However, if it is like the courses I’ve bought it is straightforward with no upsells or anything strange – I bought them using Paypal with no troubles.

What Do You Get

It is a similar format to the other courses where everything is all one page with text and videos. There is plenty there too.

On To The Course Itself

First up is to join the Facebook group and that is important to do for support and more information. It is very active and full of great information with friendly people helping each other out.

The first video is on the difference between and and the advantages/disadvantages of each. It is clear and Mark Rudder the presenter is easy to listen too. It is a PowerPoint presentation. All good so far.

Next is about domain names and webhosting. Again Mark goes through this step by step. He goes through some good tools to help in choosing a name but there isn’t a link in the text to find them. I’m going to have to check to find them out from the video. Not fun.

Finding a domain name for your site can often be one of the most frustrating experiences – well it is for me. I usually end up with one I’m not happy with in the end. The tools do generate plenty of names to choose from.

Apart from that the video is clear – it move along very quickly but explains the process fully of setting up your blog. Some good advice on how to keep your WordPress blog more secure.

Next up is some more advice about choosing a domain name.

Then it is the next video is on installing a theme.

It starts with making some more changes to again make the WordPress blog more secure. It then goes through the process of choosing and installing a theme clearly. Also, making changes to the sidebar.

It talks about favicons and logo but doesn’t go into enough detail for my liking and you’ll have to ask questions on this in the Facebook group if you don’t know how to do this bit.

Apart from that a good tutorial.

Next is a video on Pages and Navigation. You do have to keep refreshing the page to watch each video. It is a little annoying.

This video goes through how t set up pages and navigation. It’s all clear and step by step. It is presented by Leslie Stevens.

Next is a short video on permalinks from Leslie – it goes through it quickly and shows you how to set this up properly. It is about 2:30 long.

Following on from that is another short video on categories and this is from Robin Cockrell. It goes through the basics. I do wonder if this is the right sequence. I’d have put this after the set up of the blog and you are ready to be adding posts. But that aside the presentation and explanation is clear and easy to follow. It is 5:39 long.

That is all for today. I’ve got to get something else to get done now.

My Thoughts On The Course So Far

I’ve set up blogs before following video courses. The Pajama Affiliates Set Up a WordPress Site in One Day! is one of the better ones so far. It’s clear and well delivered with a couple of niggles that can be overcome with help in the Facebook group. (On creating a favicon and logo is something that I’d like to see as part of the course)

It does look like it is going to be good course for beginners looking to set up a WordPress blog and it does seem to make a good standalone course as well as part of the Home Blogging And Affiliate Marketing Course I’ve been through before. There is plenty more to come too.

Pajama Affiliates Set Up a WordPress Site in One Day Review Part 2

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