Pajama Affiliates Review Of Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course Part 5

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Yesterday I finished on a real high note with my run through and review of the Pajama Affiliates Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course. It certainly is living up to the email I got from Jennifer Ledbetter (What Works Now).

It hasn’t been all plain sailing with some issues with sequencing and it not all being there yet (blog set up arriving soon). But, the step that I was most impressed with was on blog content. It is great for beginners and intermediate affiliate marketers.

It described the thinking and how to approach content so it was unique interesting and of value to the reader. Part of the battle of converting people to click on those links.

On to today’s material and first up its:

Step 14 Writing a Product Review Type Blog Post

This is a video and has got me very interested with the title as this is what I’ve been doing following Erica Stone’s Extreme Review and Straight Line courses. I had to refresh page again to get it run. It played after it.

This runs through an actual review of a product that Lesley received on her blog – how it is structured and written. It’s great seeing this – it really helps me when I see a review “in action.”.

It is different to my reviews that follow Erica’s method. But it is a completely different type of product and price point but the goals are the same – valuable content so that the visitor clicks to go to Amazon. I can see this working very well for the niche I’m planning to use it for using this course.

Step 15 Writing an Article or Information Blog Post Using Contextual Links

This is a video that takes an existing non-review type post and improves on it. There is a before and after view of the post – the difference is amazing. It really brings home how taking some time over visual appeal can make a post more appealing and seem more interesting.

The video explains the thinking behind the changes and the thinking behind this. I can see how this can really help with conversions. I need to add this to my info posts!

There then follows a look at 2 more posts where they’ve been done properly formatted with one being Lesley’s best converting info type post. It all makes for a good description of how to set up an info post that converts.

Again it emphasizes the point about being of valuable and natural. Another very good video.

Step 16 How to Create a Product Link from Amazon

First up is a video on how you can add links to your blog on wordpress, blogger or weebly. It does go through something I didn’t know you could do. It is much more straightforward and quick then how I do it now.

It’s a good video for showing you how to do this and worth it to me for the method I wasn’t aware of. It works for Chrome and Firefox.

Following the video is some text about how to use links to Amazon which is good to remember.

Another good section with something new for me to try out on my Amazon review blogs.

Step 17 Interlinking Blog Posts

This is a pain that video doesn’t seem to want to work – I’ve tried refreshing and going in and out of the page. That’s a little annoying. I’ll let them know and come back to it later.

Step 18 ClickBank Affiliate Program

I’ve never made to much as Clcikbank affiliate (i did make a little when I was try Public Domain ebooks but that another story).You can earn good commissions on it as an affiliate, I’ve just not put enough time and effort to it.

This video works! It is a good introduction on Clickbank and how to find products for your blog – what ot look for and how to generate a link are covered.

Next video is about using clickbank tracking codes for good SEO – easy to follow along and why you should do so. Goes through it well.

The next video is using a paid tool to create images using Clickbank products. I’ve not used the tool before. It looks interesting. I’ve been reading through the sales page.

It does do a good job – the tool looks quick and easy to use. The video included in the course explains it well for Clickbank. I’m not sure I want to pay (even though it is a low cost monthly fee) just yet.

I can come back to it once I’ve been through the rest of the course and set up a blog. There is no rush to get it.

Looking at the nxt step there is a lot more image tutorials – which is something I need to spend more time on to make mine look more appealing.

I’m going to go through that section tomorrow – I’m off to do some work on my other blogs. I’ve given the interlinking video another refresh still no luck. I’ll post about it on Facebook to let them know – hopefully it will be sorted tomorrow.

Thoughts To Date

Another good day. (Apart form video not working) The Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course is full of good stuff and I’m learning about better looking content and how to get more of myslef into the content – which has got to help my blogs be more engaging and profitable too 🙂

Lesley and Robin seem to be people that want to help you succeed – they show this with their interaction on the Facebook Pajama Affiliate members group that comes with the course.

Another thing that has impressed and I think really add to this for beginners (and intermediate bloggers) is the way they use successful examples from their own real blogs. These are real world stuff not just put together for a course. It gives you a chance to study something that works to see how it is structured and written to use as a model for your own blog.

The course continues to impress me and I’m picking up new things to try on my existing blogs as well as for the new blog.

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