Pajama Affiliates Review – How to Write a Blog Post that Converts Sales

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Part 1 Learn How to Write a Blog Post that Converts Sales by Pajama Affiliates Review

pajama affiliates review

I’m really liking the these courses and today I’m starting my latest Pajama Affiliates Review of their How to Write a Blog Post that Converts Sales.

That is definitely something I’m interested in is how to write in a way that converts visitors to the post the right way.

The Sales Page – How Does It Read

It’s quite a short page is the first thing I noticed as I like to scroll down before I do anything else.

In the first paragraph it spells out what you get from the course by writing posts that benefit the visitor and you. I like that.

Next is bullet point list. I want to know more about writing in a unique way and with more voice and personality. Plus there is information about visual appeal – something I need to know more about.

The next line has a good hook for me about breaking the cycle of quantity and quality. That’s what I need to do get better at quality to get better at converting.

They then talk about helping you out as you go – which is something they do with their other courses. I’ve seen them in action in the Facebook group.

Next is “costumer” testimonials. Then it is on to the buy button. There’s not much resistance from me as I’ve got the experience from the other courses I’ve been through.

There is very little hypeit is all down to earth and is something I want to add to my review sites to make them better for the customers so there are more conversions and engagement

How Did The Buying Process Go

This went as expected for me. I paid use PayPal and was taken to my membership page which has a link to the course. No upsells or anything on the way through the buying process to make you go “blurghhhh.”

What Does The Course Look Like On The Inside

As with all Pajama Affiliates course you get taken to a page that has all the video and text. It is a long page, so looks like there is plenty of information in there to go through and absorb and use.

On To The Pajamas Affiliate Course Itself

You get an invite to their Facebook group, which is well worth joining up to. I’ve written before how good this is, but it is the best one I’ve been in for support and information given by the owners of the group.

Next is just a quick statement on what it doesn’t cover – Okay, I didn’t expect it to cover that anyway.

First up is a video on keywords and blogging. You do need to refresh the page to watch it.

This video goes through how Lesley has laid out one of her top performing posts on her successful blog. You get to see it all in front of you. This is very good for learning and modeling.

There are some good comments about the content and making personal.

After the video is text that goes through the video – this makes a good list to check through as you make your own posts.

Then there are some good ideas on how to add more personality and your own voice to product reviews even when you don’t own it. There is also on what to avoid too, which are things I do need to stop.

Next it is on to titles another area I can do with some help – mine do tend to be boring. Time to up my game! There is some free tools to help in generating better titles. They do come up with suggestions to get you thinking.

Following this is a video on how to write titles in self help niches to get someone to click on your post in the search engines even if you aren’t ranking in the first spot. Some insightful points in here that I like. The test for me will be in writing them that way. It seems to go against my natural preference although I know they are better than what I naturally do.

Next up is a video that goes through more of how to present a page to make it look better and also help readers who are in a hurry. That is something I need to try out. The thinking behind it makes sense and is well explained.

That’s it for today. I need to get back to my other sites and other things.

My View On The Course At Present

To summarize my How to Write a Blog Post that Converts Sales by Pajama Affiliates Review Part 1 so far – it has some very good ideas to help with conversions as well as to help the visitor get the information they want/need to make an informed decision – which is what I want to be doing to help them and help me too. As far as I can work out that this is the best way to build a long term sustainable affiliate marketing business.

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