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Free-Advertising-with-Social-Media-for-Your-BlogsHi, today I’m starting a review of Pajama Affiliates Free Advertising With Social Media.

There’s a few reasons why I bought it – the Pajama Affiliates’ courses I’ve gone through have been excellent, there was an offer on it and I want to find out about getting more traffic to my Extreme Review blogs from sources other than Google.

I don’t want to be reliant on Google and I’s like to set up other sources of buying traffic – it’s no point getting traffic from social media if they’re not looking at buying the products I’m reviewing or discussing.

Before going through the course, here’s a quick run through:

The Sales Page

First up it’s nice and short and no long boring videos to watch. A big plus.

Reading through it only takes a few minutes at most but there is enough there for me to want this:

  1. Driving targeted traffic
  2. Get immediate sales – that would be great
  3. How to help with ranking and indexing
  4. You don’t have to have a following to be able to make use of it.

I do have some followers on Pinterest and have had another site that had a reasonable size following on Pinterest but that didn’t result in much of the way of sales.

So sales page short and to the point about getting visitors and conversions even without followers.

The Buying Process

This was all simple and straightforward for me. After clicking buy I was taken to Paypal. Payment was easy and there were no up sells. I was taken to a membership page with a link to the course.

I also received an email with a link to the course and y password.

What Do You Get.

As with all the Pajama Affiliates courses it is a mixture of video and text. It is all delivered on one page that you access online.

Going through the course:

First up is why you should share on social media and being consistent with it to get traffic to your blog. Lesley Stevens (one of the Pajama Affiliates creators) talks about this in a video as well as the text and adds something you should also include in the description. I don’t do this nor am I consistent enough on it too.

Next Up is section on using Google+

This is not something I’ve spent a lot of time. I’ve never really seen the point of it.

Interesting stuff here about Google+ and the couple of ways you can get traffic that I didn’t realize you can and help to grow your reach.  A different approach to setting up your profile too, to the limited approach I’ve taken.

I can see I’m missing out on some traffic and possibly rankings. Need to get this started!


I’ve been using this and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen much in the way of results in it in terms of income particularly as noted earlier.

First up is a video on setting up your Pinterest account and boards. Good solid stuff and I’m going to make a couple of changes to bring them closer to what Lesley discusses. You do get to see her account just as you see her Google+ profile.

I do like this about these courses that you actually see a real live example that is providing the income.

You do have to refresh the page to watch the next videos.  The next video is about how to get re-pins and grow your popularity of your pins. There is definitely one thing I need to do to help with the popularity.

The third video is about building your genuine followers to your blog.  There is a good tips on how to build your popularity over time and also help your feed at the time. Nice and easy and doesn’t take too long – a few minutes every day – which is a good idea for me.

The techniques for both Google+ and Pinterest are slow and steady wins the race which is probably the way it should be.

The videos all move along at a good pace and demonstrate what you need to do in each case to develop more followers and getting more shares or pins which is great.

I’m going to stop here with this review as there is something else that requires my attention.

My Thoughts So Far

The  Pajama Affiliates Free Advertising With Social Media course is, so far, well put together and I have an idea what to do to build a good steady increase in getting more traffic and conversions from Social Media.

I’m looking forward to see what is in store for building traffic up for Twitter and Facebook – I’ve struggled to get traffic from both of them to my affiliate sites.

Pajama Affiliates Free Advertising With Social Media Review Part 2


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