Pajama Affiliates Review – Buyer Keyword Bonus Part 4

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Hi, I’m back with the second part of my Pajama Affiliates- Buyer Keyword Bonus Upgrade Review.

It went very well yesterday, with some great insights on using keywords and links to convert visitors to buyers writing informational posts for the right keywords.

Let’s get back to it then:

It Is About The Title Right

buyer keyword bonus

This next section talks about getting the title right and then deliver on that. With a cute kitten graphic – great if you are fan of cats I guess. I’m not but it is still cute and effective. (I might be the only person I know that isn’t).

There are 4 videos to explain this concept using real blog examples. it is great to see these being dissected to understand why they aren’t converting and what to do to correct them.

It must be great for the people who own the blogs to get this information. I should have put forward mine.

I like the examples and the way Robin goes through each one to explain how they can be improved from a conversion point of view.

Good insights in this again especially about thinking like the person searching. I need to be doing more of that. I do plenty of it online so i should do this anyway but I do get too focused on what I want to say. Big mistake! Huge! (Reminds me a little of the best scene by far from Pretty Woman – when Julia Roberts goes back to the shop where the sales assistants thought she wasn’t good enough to serve.)

There’s good use of a keyword tool (paid) to explain what related keywords the person should be using instead of the one chosen to title the post.

It’s great to see the thinking that goes into making a good blog post better for the reader as well as the writer – both get what they want this way and of course Google search.

And that’s it. They are quick videos with the longest being about 8 minutes long. It was very good.

I think I’m going to set some time aside and go through my note on this and How To Write A Blog Post That Converts to put down some action steps to use it so it doesn’t just disappear into the shiny new  object shelf to gather dust. Also need to printout the graphic so it doesn’t get lost.

There is one last section where you can get one-to-one help on your posts from Robin and Lesley – looks a good deal but for now I’m not going to try it out but I may do so in the near future once I’ve put the techniques I’ve learned in place.

The Course Verdict

The Pajama Affiliates- Buyer Keyword Bonus Upgrade gets the thumbs up from me.

With the use of examples of real blogs it really shows you how to use well chosen buyer keywords that have a higher chance of converting and then writing blog posts with the visitor in mind ensures a higher chance of success.

I like how it is about the blogger as well as the visitor. It is about doing it right way and not coming up with some clever way to get to the top of google and just taking advantage of the position – its about getting there and providing the visitor what the want.

It builds nicely on the their beginners class and the Affiliate Marketing Masterclass – it provides more than was in them so it is worth getting in addition especially if you want your blogs attract more buyers and to convert better.

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