Pajama Affiliates Review: The Buyer Keyword Bonus Gets An Upgrade

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Hi back again with another Pajama Affiliates Review – this time it is the Buyer Keyword Bonus Upgrade.

And already without going through it yet but just scanning the course it looks an impressive – I bought this on the pre-sale and got it at the reduced price.

You get it now as a standard part of the Buyer Keyword Bonus – which is a great deal available especailly at a discounted price for the next  few days.

What Do You Get With It

Just to be clear this is a course about targeting keywords that convert to sales. (See How To Write A Blog Post That Converts Sales if you want to write a post to get those keywords bringing in the sales).

It is the same set up as the previous courses where it is a mixture of text and video delivered on one page.  Looks like some nice graphics too.

I’m guessing I’ll need to refresh the page to get each of the videos to work as I go.

buyer keyword bonus

On To The Course Itself

I’ve got high hopes for the course from the discussion in the Pajama Affiliates Facebook group.

It starts with an introduction about the importance of buyer keywords  and a strong word on the importance of keyword tools!

What Are People Looking For

The first video talks about writing for what people are searching about and takes a post on someone’s blog and quickly establishes what is wrong with the post title and how it could be changed to write about what people are looking for.

It is a quick video but it powerfully demonstrates the importance of good keyword research.

A good strong introduction I feel.

How To Convert Sales With Content Based Information Blog Posts

Next up is the first graphic. My blogs tend to have a lot of review type posts although that has been changing, so this is going to be interesting to me about how you can get sales when not directly talking about a product.

These posts are looking at problems people have – like How to treat a cold sore my example.

Following that is a video on looking for keywords for information type posts. Remember to refresh the page!

I need to start doing more of this type of post to support the reviews – what a great way to get more traffic – I can see how this really does fit with the How To Write A Blog Post That Converts.

The video itself shows you how to work through finding keywords without much competition that people are searching for and using the product you are promoting as the starting point. It’s simple but looks effective.

That video has started me off searching for keywords in one of my niche sites and I’ve found some interesting ones to get writing on.  It is a different way of thinking that I can see I should have been incorporating into my reviews too (somehow). It’s about being more in tune with what the visitors want to know – what the product does for them – e.g. when people buy a drill they don’t want to drill they want holes in their wall.

Get In Tune With What People Are Wanting To Read

And this is what the next video is about! It’s quick and very good. It’s got me thinking so much I think my head might explode with the possibilities! I’ve used some of these type of words before but as more of a list than a problem. They can be very good as a list too.

In some respects this crosses over with RAM keywords but using them on your blog in a slightly different way.

Next up is going through a post with what I thought looked a great keyword topic. It is when you look at the numbers but the way Robin goes through it about looking at it from the searcher’s perspective put a different slant about what converts when using problem searches.

Then there is a video of a couple of blog posts that use an information type post to be the solution. It makes sense – I just need to think through how I can use it.

Next is talking about where to put calls to action on blog posts for better conversions with the reasons. I do that on some of my posts but need to do it on more of them.. Good reminder.

Next is a video that talks about a couple of strong keywords for lifestyle blogs/content blogs. I don’t have one of these blogs but it is worth watching just for the thinking behind the words again.

Right that is where you I am going to stop for now. I’ve got a ton of things to think about already. I’m about 2 /3rds the way through now but I’ve got some other things to do.

Looking up the new keyword types suggested by Robin took some time but was worth it. I’ve got plenty to write about now and try out to see how they can help convert and improve my blogs too for readers.

I can use the thinking at least to improve the reviews too.

My Thoughts On The Course To Date

This upgrade section to the Pajama Affiliates Buyer Keyword Bonus has given me plenty to think about and do. It’s going to have me really digging into what I can do for my Extreme Review sites.

It’s going to give me loads of posts and work to do. That has got to be good for me to do. I didn’t expect that from the course.

I thought it would be good just because the other ones are. But it is better than that. It is the thinking behind the words and the use of actual blog examples that make a big difference to me.

So I’ve got some keyword ideas to write blog posts about and also to start adding something extra to review posts too. So plenty to get on with and I’m not at the end of it yet. It seems to me the Pjama Affiliates have done it again!

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