Pajama Affiliates Keyword Research and SEO Tutorials for Beginners Review Part 2

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Keyword-Research-and-SEO-Tutorials-for-BeginnersHi, there.  Back today continuing my Pajama Affiliates SEO and Keyword Research for Beginners hands-on review.

In my previous post I’d been through about 60% of course. I finished up with going through one of the highlights of the course to date by going through a product review SEO and keywords.

You not only got information on keywords and SEO there was content  tips too. It went through a live example too, which as I said in the post, I really found useful. It gives you something concrete to model your own posts on.

And Now On To The Rest Of The Course.

Following the video there is list of points on keyword selection and a response to a question from the private Facebook group.

Then there is more about what your content needs to be like these days to have the best chance to rank. In this section it goes through some of the excellent stuff from the video I talked about above.

This section is so important and I do need to try add more of this to my own reviews.

There is also technique for finding things to talk about in your reviews. It’s a good one.

After this it is on to an area I don’t put enough into …

Website Navigation and SEO

It starts off with a good explanation of what this is about and the difference between categories and tags. Then it is on to the section I want to more about…


Is starts with three  videos. The first video goes through an interesting way that Lesley is using interlinking on blog that I’ve ever done. I need to think about how to use this on my blogs.

It does explain well what it is and why you want to do it for SEO and the visitor too.

Remember to refresh the page when you go to the next page – the videos don’t play unless you refresh the page for some reason.

Next video is from Robin. Cockrell This goes through another post from another blog and a worked example. Another clear video and I do need to really do more of this to help my posts rank.

The third video is a practical one on how to actually to do the interlinking. It goes through it in a good easy to follow way. It seems to go at a good pace – not too fast but not dead slow either.

Underneath this post is a summary of the points of what is in the videos. I like that it’s a good reminder and good if you missed something.

Next we’re on to using:

Social Media for SEO

A good basic video on why to use social media and the two best sites to use to help with getting your post noticed quicker by the search engines. There is an interesting fact too, about how much traffic Lesley gets to her site from social media. It’s a lot more than I get. They do have a very good social media course for those who want to get more traffic from it – Free Advertising With Social Media.

There is one more video about selecting keywords to go for using when the main product keyword you want to go for is too competitive especially when you are starting out with a new blog.

As well as using a keyword tool for ideas it goes through using Google to help in think in different ways to write about the product or including the product in different types of posts with an affiliate link.  Some good ideas in here.

And My Verdict Is…

I like the Pajama Affiliates SEO and Keyword Research for Beginners. As it says in the title it is great for beginners. I also think people with some experience can pick up things too. For me it was the thinking about content and the interlinking of posts that I got the most from.

The course itself presented as a mixture of videos and text. It is clear and easy to follow along to. You get to see examples of actual posts to see exactly how they can be laid out for best SEO practice.

I would have liked to see a little more on using secondary keywords when these are introduced but there is information on this when going through the examples which help but could be a little confusing to a beginner.

The videos themselves stay on topic, there isn’t waffle and they move along at a good pace making it easy to concentrate on them .

I am impressed with the course and if you are beginners you’ll get a lot out of it (so will intermediates too). It’s practical and kept simple. By following what is in the course you’ll have a much better chance in ranking for keywords that will help build an affiliate income.



Pajama Affiliates Keyword Research and SEO Tutorials for Beginners Review Part 1

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