Pajama Affiliates How To Write A Blog Post That Converts Sales Review Part 2

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How to write a blog post that converts salesYesterday I started going through the Pajama Affiliates How To Write A Blog Post That Converts Sales

There were some very good ideas – on how to make a post better for a customer and me by changing the look, how to title them more and how to write with more personality. I’ll be adding them to my posts.

Getting More Of Those All Important Clicks

Today it’s on to using links to get more clicks to merchant site. The first video is about using links in an information post. It covers more than links. It show a before and after post on how to make it look better and also get more clicks.

The video goes through a top converting post too explaining why it works . Includes when to put in an affiliate link and when not to – very good and clear. It is also in the Affiliate Marketing Masterclass course but is definitely worth going through more than once.

There is some text under this that gives more explanation and examples of how to work links into your post. They’re good examples too.

Next up is a video on writing a review type post. You do have refresh the page to get the video to work.

This is a good video on when you have the product which does make writing a review easier to add your own voice to it.

You don’t have to have the product to write a useful review you can do it by doing lots of research into it first like you do when following Erica Stone’s Extreme Review course. But doing both gives a much more powerful and useful review.

Back to the video. It goes through an actual review on Lesley Stevens (a Pajama Affiliate) site that converts. I’d have liked to see some more on how to write or present a review when you don’t have the product. There are some quick things about writing a review when you don’t have the product in a previous video that are useful. It is still worth going through to understand the thinking when writing a video for the customer and getting clicks.

Using Images And The Importance Of Calls To Action For More Conversions

Following this is a video on uploading images to WordPress. (And another refresh). There are some good tips in here on making the image look better in a post and naming it.

Next up is a call to action video presented by Robin Cockrell. It’s a good one on making sure yoou have the right calls to action on your blog and why you need them.

Next are some videos on using a cheap paid tool to get your images looking great. I’ve not got the tool yet. It looks really good – something to get later. The videos themselves are very good and go through how to use it to get the best looking images.

Following on from that are videos on creating good images without the paid tool. It starts with a few sentences about the importance of them. These are good videos too and there is good information, examples and tutorials in the 5 videos (they are also included in Affiliate Marketing Masterclass).

Then there are a couple of links to places you can get images that are free for commercial use.

Lastly there is a video on giving your audience what they are looking for. This is a very good one to keep in mind as you write a post. It is about what the customer is after when they come to your post and what posts to write for best conversions.

That’s it. The end of the Course.

So How Does The Course Stack Up

In the Pajama Affiliates How To Write A Blog Post That Converts Sales course there is some repetition of the Affiliate Marketing Masterclass course. But it adds more than enough to make it worth getting on its own.

I’ve learned plenty from it to add to my blogs to improve conversions. It is about the thinking behind the posts and set out as well as the techniques that make this a valuable course. I’ll be coming back to this course again to go through the points as well as my notes. The videos are presented quickly so some do need to be watched more than once to ensure you didn’t miss anything.

Pajama Affiliates Review – How To Write A Blog Post That Converts Sales Part 1


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