Pajama Affiliates Home Blogging And Affiliate Marketing Course vs Affiliate Marketing Masterclass

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pajama affiliates home blogging and affiliate marketing class vs affiliate market masterclassIn this comparison of  Pajama Affiliates Home Blogging And Affiliate Marketing Course vs Affiliate Marketing MasterClass I describe how they differ, where they are similar and who they are for.

It can be a little confusing when you read the sales pages to determine which is the right one for you or whether you need both even.

These 2 are the 2 main comprehensive courses the Pajama Affiliates provide with the others providing more in depth training in specific areas.

They are both included in the bundle which can help in reducing costs but first let’s look at the courses.

Who Are They For.

They are designed for people at different stages of their affiliate marketing and blogging journey.

The Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course is for those people who are at the start. If you don’t have a blog or have just started blogging. It takes you from the start of the process of what to blog about through setting up a blog to writing content and adding affiliate links.

Whereas the Affiliate Marketing Masterclass is for those that have a blog and been blogging for awhile. This course is focused on how to convert traffic to more sales. It does include tips on driving traffic that is more likely to convert.

How to Get Started Blogging

The Home Blogging course shows you how to select a topic (niche) to blog about, how to choose a name, how to set up a blog (It includes a copy of How To Set Up Your WordPress Blog In A Day) ,hosting your blog and buying a name.

This is for beginners who don’t have a blog but there is some great tips on how to set up your blog securely and optimizing it for search engine and social media traffic that intermediate blogger can learn from – I know I did.

The Affiliate Marketing Masterclass doesn’t include anything on this as you’d expect.


In the Home Blogging course there is time spent on what keywords are and how to find the best ones.  It talks about finding ones where there is buyer intent.

The Masterclass also talks about using keywords with buyer intent but goes into more depth with the thinking behind them for a greater understanding so you don’t end up with posts that don’t give the visitor.


An important section for both courses and there is cross over here too. But again the Masterclass looks more at why a post will convert as well as how to set it out whereas the Home Blogging course focuses more on getting it set out properly.

Both do emphasize quality writing. Writing for the visitor and not the search engines specifically.

The home blogging course does focus more on the types of blog posts you can write with the Masterclass talking more about how to use the content more to convert . It’s about thinking like the visitor – what are they looking for.

Visual Appeal

These are big sections in both courses and there is some crossover in this section with some sections repeated.

I learned a lot from both courses, even though I consider myself an intermediate blogger.  It is something that I struggle with is making things look good – art and design was never my strong point, but I’ve been inspired but what I’ve learned to add more visual appeal to my blogs – you can probably tell I’m still learning!

Affiliate Programs

The Masterclass is more about using Amazon affiliate program for monetization although the techniques discuss can be used with other programs – physical and digital.

The Home Blogging course includes Amazon as well as Clickbank and other physical merchants for monetization.

Social Media

Home Blogging And Affiliate Marketing Course talks about setting up your presence and using it to post your content to when you’ve published it on your blog to get traffic to your blog even if you don’t have any followers or very few.

The Affiliate Marketing Masterclass gives you more techniques on how to leverage the use social media to get even more traffic to your blog.

Summary of the Comparison Home Blogging And Affiliate Marketing Mastercourse And Affiliate Marketing Masterclass

The big difference is really that the Home Blogging And Affiliate Marketing Course is about getting you started. There is a lot in there as it is to get you up and running. Anymore and it might start to get confusing. If you follow it you’ll have a blog set up with a good chance of success.

The Affiliate Marketing Masterclass takes it up to the next level to get you thinking more on how your visitors thinking and providing content that helps them get what they want (sounds like a Zig Ziglar quote). Again there is a lot in course to go over and implement.

Both courses are well presented and come with lots of actionable content. You can also ask questions in the Facebook groups if there is anything you need more information. Plus they add more content to explain content and the like.

I hope that has cleared up the differences between the courses and you now know which one is the right one for you. Let me know in the comments below which one you think is the right one for you or if there is anything else you might want to know about either course.




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