Pajama Affiliates – Home Blogging & Affiliate Marketing Course by Lesley Stevens & Carolina Robin Review Part 3

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Had a bit of mixed day yesterday with the Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course by Pajama Affiliates.

Although I’m still positive on the course that it will deliver a great course overall for the beginner and more experienced affilaite marketers too.

What About Blog Set Up From Yesterday?

There is a lot os valuable stuff in there so far on getting started , just would have liked the blog building part to be there too. I posted a question about it on the Facebook group and there were some suggestions on where you can get information on how to set up a wordpress blog online. I’ve done it before many tmes I really wanted to see how they did it for this course.

The blog set up part of the course is going to be released in the first week of February. The answers I think show that is a good idea to wait for it and continue through the rest of the course (so skip the step for now and come bsck to it). That is what I’ll do. There is still a ton of stuff to go through – in terms of quantity (and quality so far) it does look to be worth the cost.

So far I’ve researched and picked a niche and found affiliate programs for monetizing it.

Now back to my step by step review.

Step 7 Must Have Policy

This is important to make sure you comply with Federal laws and affiliate programs.

THe material consists of 2 short videos ( 4minutes and 10 minutes) The first video and the text have examples of what to include to comply properly – you are also shown the statements on Lesley’s website to help in coming up with one for your site.

The second video take you through step by step on how to add them to your wordpress blog. It is clear. i like the way she explains it with a video to follow along (A list of steps in the narrative would be nice but it isn’t difficult).  It can be a little hard to hear at times but doesn’t really take away from it – just brief bits of popping.

There is a policy in there that I didn’t realizeb you had to add to your privacy policy. I’m out of date on all my websites. i’m going to have to go and add that in to them to comply.THat will keep me busy for a little while.

If the blog set up course is like this, it is going to be very good.

Step 8 Backing Up Your Blog

This llike the previous section it would be great to have your blog set up first to be able to follow along,

This is a video that again goes through it all step by step. It uses a different back up program but it looks good. The explanation is clear. Another good video. On to the next step.

Step 9 Adding Google Adsense

I’ve not really looked at adding google adsense to my Amazon review sites becuase I’ve thought it takes away from my earnings – not that I’ve ever tested it myself I just read it somewhere in the past.

Again, I can’t add this to my site.

This section has 2 videos . You do need to apply for it and have a website that has good content and have policies on your site. I think it normally is about 10 pieces of original content on it to pass (along with the disclousres). It is covered quickly that there are requirement in the videos but could do with some more info there. (If unsure here you can google it or ask in thr Facebook group – it may be easier).

This has just made me think about when you make the Amazon Associates application and others as well you are going to need a website to aply that has been set up (if you don’t already have it) with at least 5 pages or so of good unique content to be accepted. (It’s not covered in the course.) Again there is guidance online for this..

The first video is an explanation of setting it up and a discussion about where you can put it on your site.

The talk about how to use it on a review site is interesting and worth watching for that to understand what it can add, but it is a small earner compared to what’s earned from Amazon. You don’t want to use it too much.

You do also need to read Google terms to make sure you don’t have too many adverts but if you follow what is suggested here you probably will be okay.

The 2nd video is where there is instructions on how to add it to your blog. It repeats some of the first video but does show you how to clearly add the code.

It also talks about another plug in you need to have to comply with Google requirements. It explains this well.

I do think this seems before you’ve picked a name (which is later) and about hosting and set up but it is worth going through and the vidoes aren’t that long.

I ‘m going to stop here, although in terms of doing it has been a light day. and continue on with it tomorrow where I can see there is some real meaty stuff coming up.

My Thoughts So Far

I’m still liking the Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course by Pajama Affiliates.. It has good explanations of what is needed to put in your blog to comply with various regulations today.

Some more information on what’s needed to apply for google adsense and affilaite programs (in particular for Amazon) woould be a good addition or a pointer to where you can get some idea of whats required.

That aside whart is there is good and is explained clearly. I#m looking forward to see what is in store in the next sessions. It does look very interesting and will help people with more experience as well as those just beginning.

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