Pajama Affiliates Free Advertising With Social Media Review Part 2

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Free-Advertising-with-Social-Media-for-Your-BlogsHi, today I’m back with the 2nd part of my Pajama Affiliates Free Advertising With Social Media review.

So far I’ve been through using Google+ and Pinterest. The big that came through is consistency as well as doing the right things of course.

First up today is twitter.

The video here is talking about Facebook. Okay after some points on making posts on Facebook it moves on to twitter.

There is good tips in here. They seem to flow through all of the social media – with one that I’ve never really understood the point of them.

I do now from a marketing perspective at least and had better get busy using them. There’s a section here about the statistics that doesn’t seem to be there when I look for it. It seems twitter have changed since the video was shot in how they present the data  – i.e. I can’t see it on my feed at all.

I’ll ask a question in the group to see what’s happened. (I’ve had an answer back – it seems to be an issue with my twitter account – but there is another way to see the statistics anyway – so not the end of the world – I’ll leave it like it is for now – great to get such a quick response.) Just tweeted this post on twitter and it’s there!

There is a good way given on how to research on your topic in twitter too. A good way to get ideas and see what others are posting on your topic.

There is now a section where Lesley tells you how important it is to do it right. Okay you’ve convinced me!

Then  a quick video on sharing other people’s content. Short and sweet.

Now we’re on to Facebook.

There a quick video on a good way to get your images and titles to stand out on Facebook.

Next up is a section about Facebook Groups which I am going to skip and comeback to after going to Facebook fan pages.

There’s a couple of videos on things I know about and have done. They’re quick to the point.

Then there’s a good video on using video on using video on Facebook and how doing it the right way can help with reach. Just did that on my IMProductBlogger facebook page. Easy to do.

Now it’s back to the Facebook groups.

I’m not looking to use Facebook Groups but the first video has a lot of good points on marketing to have the most impact – relates to all marketing not just a group. Always good to get a reminder on this – I keep forgetting and not doing  – it must sink in eventually!

The text following, although geared towards Groups could apply to a Facebook page on getting engagement and shares.

There’s a good book recommendation in there too.

It does finish with something that is more specific to Groups but there are a couple of things to remember for facebook pages too.

There isn’t much in the course (well nothing really) on setting up your profiles – the mechanics – but there is discussion on how Leslie does it which is different to how many gurus do it but it is effective for her. It would be good for a little handholding on profiles setting up – if you need that help you can ask in the group or search online.

My Summary

There is some crossover between the section in the course where you do need to be doing similar things in each. I guess that makes senses as they are all social media. There is some differences on the technical side of things – but what you are sharing is much the same.

I need to invest more time in each of these – but not huge amounts to get more happening on my social media sites. I’m taking the time on my posts to my site and with a little more time I might get more from each of them if I do this.

I continue to be impressed with Pajama Affiliates Free Advertising With Social Media. It is for people who want to grow their reach and get targeted traffic to their site. It shows you how you can get more people seeing your social media posts and without necessarily having a large following or much of one at all for that matter.

I’ll be adding that plus other tips to my social media to improve the targeted traffic from them to my site.  Overall, another worthwhile course from the Pajama Affiliates!

Pajama Affiliates Free Advertising With Social Media Part 1

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