Pajama Affiliates Buyer Keywords Bonus Review

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pajama-affiliates-buy-keyword-bonus girlToday I’m looking at the Pajama Affiliates Buyer Keywords Bonus, my 4th course from them. I’m looking forward to learning something useful that I can use in my business again.

The Pajama Affiliates are currently running a great promotion where you can get 4 of their products in one go at discount price it is the Affiliate Marketing Business Bundle. I had three of the products, but they allowed me to get the fourth product for a reduced price so that I spent only the same in total. A good piece of marketing as well as looking after your customers too.

One of the key parts to success in marketing on the internet, especially as an affiliate marketer using content to get visitors to your site is the keywords you choose. This is to get them to your site as well as to use the ones where people are searching to buy not just for information (although you may be able to sell products as an incidental but probably not as frequently).

Knowing the difference between these 2 type of keywords can make a difference between a blog attracting a lot of visitors, not making an income and possibly not attracting as many customers but making a good income.

Let’s take a quick look at:

The Sales Page

A quick look through it shows that it is short. Always a good start I think!

Starts with a nice big graphic of income earned in one month on Amazon – $46,133.39 – (the month closed out over just a little over $52k from other sales pages). Wouldn’t that be great!

There’s a quick statement about the Pajama Affiliates(Lesley and Robin) making more than most people make in a year during the holiday season (and they do from what I’ve seen). A big part of that is the keywords.

People can start making money from the keywords within a couple of days. That sounds great to me. Next is just some more about the power of the words and that it is a short course – it is about keywords that work at Christmas time as well as other holidays during the year.

Okay that is a bit of a wait until Christmas but should see some sales but in that time I could have loads of posts up there ready to catch the “hungry crowd of buyers.”


Buying Process

This was very straightforward for me as I discussed above I got this as part of the deal they are running for new customers and existing customers. I was given access to the course even before I paid. How good is that. I’ve since done that.

If buying separately I’m sure it work the same way as the other courses where you pay through Paypal and get taken to a page with access to the course and have a welcoming email sent to you with your login details.

Easy and no upsells.

What Do You Get For The Money

Okay, it doesn’t look too short – there are 3 videos, text and example keywords. Some good stuff to get your teeth into I’m sure.

First up is a video on Buyer Keywords on using a free keyword tool. There are a number of examples given. I need to add these to my sites. It is going to take a little creativity on my part . Great video.

I’ve used the tool and I’ve got some ideas for my site that I can use for new posts. I do need to spend more time in digging down further for my but for a first go that was great.

Next video is on image creation. You do need to refresh the page to watch it. It is clear, there is a bit of a noise in background that is somewhat annoying. The content is good through, running through an example of how to create an image for your website for google image search and pinterest using free tools and free images.

The third video is about how to set up a post that works for these buyer words. Interesting about how many links to use and what people want in those type of lists.

Under the video are 2 links to post examples. More affiliate links! I need to try these keywords and type of post out especially when you see what is possible in terms of income in October, November and December. I do like to see examples to be able to model not copy.

After this is a big list of buyer keywords (well the buyer part of the phrases). That is great for getting ideas. Then there is a good list of sources for free images you can use for your blog.

Then there is a few words of advice on how to write the posts. I like the advice it is good to keep in mind as you write – sometimes I forget this point. I need to write this out so it is in front of me as I write.

That’s the end of the course.

What Do I Think About The Course?

The Pajama Affiliates Buyer Keywords Bonus course is short as they said in the sales letter. But these words and posts could be very profitable. My eyes have been opened to the possibilities especially for the holidays when people go into buying mode.

One of the keys to successful selling according to sales copywriters is to find a crowd hungry for what you are selling. That’s what these keywords represent that are revealed in the course. That is part one of the course and makes it worth it for that. The second is how to produce the right type of content that adds value to the visitor as well as help them in their search and then on to a places they can get it.

Another very good course from the Pajama Affiliates


Do you struggle with finding keywords that can be monetized and how to write a post about them? I can remember being confused about the difference between buyer keywords and other keywords – getting traffic and wondering why nothing was happening.

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