Pajama Affiliates – Beginner’s Affiliate and Blogging Course Review Part 1

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I recently received an email from Jennifer Ledbetter (see RAM and What Works Now) recommending the Pajama Affiliates courses –  Beginner’s Affiliate and Blogging Course and Affiliate Marketing Masterclass.

I initally was just going to check out the masterclass (I’ll write about this in a future post) seeing as I’ve been earning commissions using Extreme Review. I could always do with more information on getting more conversions (over and above Jennifer’s course) and more traffic on my existing posts).

And on that note there is always something more to learn on setting up a blog properly to earn affiliate commissions.

What Is The Sales Page Like?

It starts with the promise that it is the best home blogging an affiliate marketing course. ever! It does the caveat that this is becuase it is honest – interesting!

Next up is a quick over of blogging and affiliate marketing. It does a good job of explaining it simply.

Looking further down you start to get a good explanation of the course taking step by step from keyword research to writing a blog post that converts.

Next is a story I can relate to about Lesley Stevens – well not all of it (I’m not a mom for one thing). It’s interesting how she started a blog about her children and it paid off big time in December 2014  with over $14k in commissions and then $52k in December 2015. That is amazing, there are screenshots of her Amazon earnings. I definitely could do with some of that!

Desire is what made the difference – I’m sure it helped but don’t we all have it!

Next up is a good listing of what you get for the course. It’s full of good stuff like niche selction. keywords, blog posts that convert, using social media.

There’s also personal help available which can often be great help I’ve found.

I like the sales page – it’s not over the top – it’s down to earth. The success of one of the students is amazing (and she is part of the team too).

There is some testimonials that have convinced me I should push that buy button/

The Buying Process

Well that was painless! No upsells or naything like that. (There are othere course you can buy but there was no attempt to ush them on you).

You get taken to your membership page that lists the course(s) you’ve signed up for and my affiliate details for the product.

What Do You Get

When you click the link from the membership home page you are taken to just one page that has all the content written and video for the course – it is a long page.

You can aslo join up to the Pajama Affiliates facebook group. There looks to be a lot of good stuff on there and it seems very supportive too with other members and the creators of the courses – Robin and Lesley helping out and offering suggestions and examples.

Let’s Have A Look At The Content

It starts with a nice introduction from Robin and then instructions for how to go through the course – read and watch in order and don’t skip. Like it. It is all very firendly and easy to read.

Step 1 An Introduction To Affilate Marketing And The Course

The first part of the course proper is a video with Lesley talking about how she makes money blogging. She says up front she isn’t particularly comfortable on video. You can tell that from the video but it doesn’t make for uncomfotable watching.

In it she actually shows a real site that earns her commissions. It looks great and does appear to be simple to put together. I had to stop the video to go and have a look.

This is a good video and overview of how to make money from affilaite marketing and blogging. It’s important to write for the benefit of the visitor.

It finishes with a description of what the course is about – basically doing things right from the beginning for the best chance of success. It’s a good video. It is just over 9 minutes long. This is a very good start to the course.

Step 2 What Is A Niche

This is just a  video. It is just under 5 minutes long. This is very interesting as Lesley goes through 4 different blogs in different niches. There are some interesting blogs and niches in there. A good overview.

Step 3 Finding A Profitable Niche

This section is text only. Its about starting the process of finding a niche and the first part of the work.

It makes some very good points about selecting a niche so that you can write valuable unique content rather than just generic content. I need to now get started coming up with ideas on this.

These ideas are what is going to be used for the next steps of the course. This seems to me like a good way to get a good list of ideas that can then be analyzed to see if they are worth buliding a blog around.

For today that’s as far as I have time to get done, but looking forward to moving forward with this tomorrow.

How Is It So Far

The Pajama Affiliates – Beginner’s Affiliate and Blogging Course seems like it is going to be a very good course. I think for those starting out this explains everything clearly. There is plenty of examples to help you see what is possible for a blogging with some unusual niches that could be successful plus you get to see one Lesley’s blogs.

From the limited time I’ve spent in the facebook group it looks a great resource too – with plenty of interaction and support from Lesley and Robin.

For more experienced or intermediate bloggers and affiliates some of it may seem a bit basic but I’ve found it interesting looking at different ideas of niches and the various blogs. There is always something new to learn and there are pleny of different ways to set up affiliate blogs.

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