Pajama Affiliates Affiliate Marketing Masterclass Review Part 4

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Pajama Affiliates Affiliate Marketing Masterclass Review Part 4I had a good session yesterday going through the Pinterest section of the Pajama Affiliates Affiliate Marketing Masterclass. I picked up some good tips in getting more interest on my pins and hopefully more traffic.

Today’s first session is on:

Other Social Media Platforms

This covers, as expected Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook. I do have Facebook pages for my sites but not really done much with Google Plus or Twitter.

There is a good reason to do this as it helps to promote your posts and there is a technique to get noticed even if you don’t have many followers.

Okay- there’s another good technique in here for getting more social shares.

There isn’t any help on setting up your social media pages but I’ve done them and they’re not difficult – there’s plenty of help online and you can ask in the Facebook group if you need help. You can also check out other sites pages for more help.

After some text there is a video, it’s on what Lesley does after she has published a blog post. This is good seeing examples of what’s included with a link back to your site.

There’s more on getting more shares and how it can help you grow and rank organically – as well as pick up more ideas.

Another good video.

Next follows a text summary of the video. There is anything specific on how to grow followers on your pages other than you should grow naturally with the help of the tips on getting shares. I can see this helping and that it will build up slowly and surely.

Image Tutorials

These go through image sizes, getting images to use, how to make an image for your site, how to make images look better and how to upload the images on your blog.

These are good videos and I’ve been through them previously when I went through the Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Class For Beginners. I just went through the first minute or so just to check.

Next up are videos on using a paid tool to make your images of products look great. It does do a real good job and the videos explaining it are very good. I’ve been through them before during the beginners course too. I will be going through them again when I get the tool – it is a good price – but I’m not at that stage yet- when I’m ready for it I’ll get it.

I’ve got plenty to do before I get to this

And that’s it. The end of the course with a long list of things to do to being my sites up a level or so.

Do I Recommend The Course

In a word YES. The Pajama Affiliates Affiliate Marketing Masterclass has a load of ideas on improving the performance of sites.

The delivery is fast paced so you don’t get bored but it is clear and simple to follow.

The “behind the scenes” part of the course are very useful as you get to see what makes a successful blog work.

The areas I do need to work on first are making my content look more appealing, take more time thinking about my angle of my posts, tracking posts better, better keyword use, using pinterest more effectively and also other media sites.

I’ve got my extensive to do list and I’ll be implementing them over the coming week on my Amazon review sites. I’ll need to spend sometime going back into some of my posts as well as putting these ideas into my new posts.

When the blog set up step of the beginners course is available (very soon – at the beginning of next week) I’ll go through that to finish up the Pajama Affiliates reviews (for now).

To date it has been 2 very good courses. I am going to look at going through some of the other courses on offer but first I am going to put into place what i’ve learned first.

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