Pajama Affiliates Affiliate Marketing Masterclass Review Part 3

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Pajama Affiliates Affiliate Marketing Masterclass review Part 3The Pajama Affiliates Affiliate Marketing Masterclass has been a good one so far. I don’t normally enjoy watching videos that much but these ones are fast paced and going though actual blog posts to describe the thinking and structure behind them makes them much more interesting than many IM videos.

On to the next section of the course:

Using Pinterest

I’ve got Pinterest accounts for my affiliate blogs and I get a little traffic I’m sure there is more I could/should be doing on them. This seems to be a big source of traffic and income that I’m missing out on.

Amazing comment in here about how much traffic that comes from Pinterest to Lesley’s blog. And it converts too from another comment I read previously.

Next is a video on SEO for Pinterest and images. Good stuff overall. I do much of this.

Next is how to set the boards, interests up correctly which is similar to what I’ve learned with Pinplosion I think my problem must be doing more on Pinterest besides posting my images which is something you should do and probably better images – both talk about this and I don’t do it – so no wonder I don’t get traffic.

There is a method discussed on how to get more shares when you first post an image to Pinterest to get more shares.

There is more on this in the video that follows about how to do this. It is new to me. I’m sure it will work too. It’s obvious really when you think about it but not to me.

There is also talk about how Pinterest works these days which I hadn’t realized they’d made a change. I think I’ve set my boards up correctly to take advantage of this so won’t have to make it much of a change to that . Just need better images.

Next up is a section on how to get more followers on Pinterest which is good stuff and I did do this to start but fell by the wayside with me thinking I was wasting my time.

From the comment about how much traffic can come from Pinterest and converts.

I need to get my pages looking better structure and better images to help get them going. I need to spend more time on Pinterest (somehow) to see what looks good and gets pinned in my niches.

I’ve just spent a bunch of time looking through images and boards – so I’m going to call it a day here. There are 2 more sections to go through. I’ll be finishing this review up tomorrow. There is much to do on this too, to get going.

Thoughts So Far

I’ve enjoyed the courses and found them full of great content and examples
I’ve got a couple of points (that I feel I missed writing about while going through course) that relate to the Pajama Affiliates Affiliate Marketing Masterclass as well as the Beginners Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course as well as the . These are just 2 of the things that make the course stand apart from most others out there:

Facebook group – These can often be just a big waste of time going through the previous posts. You can do that with this group if you want. But there is much to it than that, It’s not the big waste of time like most groups. There are a few reasons why this is the case.

1. Accountability threads – where there are weekly/daily threads covering three areas of your business for taking action and getting help with posts.
2. Course Owners Interaction – Both Robin and Lesley are in there helping out with any questions that are asked. They’re not just leaving it to die, they are doing what they said they one do in the sales letter.
3. Members Help Out Too Because of what Lesley and Robin do there is great help and interaction from other members with thoughts ideas and help.
4. Asking Questions It’s a great place to ask questions because of points 2 and 3.

You can go through the previous posts if you want – I did scan about a week just to see what happens responses – but it is better just to ask your question, so you don’t get lost.

One thing that would be great if the Facebook group had a pinned post with all the best threads/questions in one place (it does do this with weekly accountability threads).

Blog posts – There is more on page SEO talk (about keywords to add and where on your post) than the Extreme Review (there is some in there) but the majority of the work on posts is writing and making the post be good for the visitor in terms of valuable content and what it looks like rather than writing to get Google to have you on the first page – that is the goal, of course you just do it a natural way.

These 2 factors – visuals and interesting content with some SEO is what brought in the $72,000 not writing formulaic posts and building links – it is natural and valuable content that looks good on the eye. You get to see exactly what is meant by that by seeing actual posts that produce income.

The idea is to write with your personality in it and provide valuable information rather than something you might produce for a dry business report. That one I feel is a toughie for me, being an accountant – I’ve spent too much time with debit and credits and numbers than writing. I’m trying to loosen up!

The only real disappointment to me is that the blog set up part of the course is not available yet but I’m looking forward to see it soon – there is plenty else for me to get on with.

So to finish up after those few words the Affiliate Marketing Masterclass and the beginners course have been useful to me in moving forward my affiliate marketing business. I’ve got plenty to get on with!

They are well put together courses with plenty of actionable content for beginners and intermediate marketers alike.


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