Pajama Affiliates Affiliate Marketing Masterclass Review Part 1

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Pajama affiliates affiliate masterclass reviewI found out about the Pajamas Affiliates Affiliate Marketing Masterclass from an email from Jennifer Ledbetter (What Works Now). I’d never heard of the Pajama Affiliates before that.

After checking it out I bought their Home Blogging And Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners. I’ve gone through the course and it is a great way to get started and improve existing blogs. I’m implementing a number of their techniques into my blogs. I’ll be starting a new blog following it too, once thry release the blog set up in February – I’ve got plenty to do on my existing blogs (as a result of the course) to keep me busy to help them improve their performance anyway.

I also thought the masterclass course looked another good way to boost my existing blogs further, especially after going through the beginners course. First up is to take a look through the sales letter.

What’s The Sales Letter Like?

The first thing that strikes you is the image at the top – with some big earnings numbers – $52,907.72 in December and $72,486.61 for October – December. All from one merchant too – from the next part of the letter. Amazing results.

Having been through the beginners course I.m not sceptical about this – I believe it – so it doesn’t need to try too hard.

Looking at the first paragraph a little more it is the line “No paid ads, no sales funnels and no list building or emails!” also grabs my attention.

This is the same approach to building an affiliate business with my Extreme Review sites. (My results aren’t in same league yet!)

Not quite sure what the next sentence means – not that can talk – but the list under it has me interested particularly – visual appeal and using social media to drive traffic to sites for more conversions,

Next up is you are going to see actual blog posts – I always like to see examples – I find it much easier to understand what to do it when I see it.

It looks like there is a video next but nothing happens when I click.

After that there is a good list of what the course is going to cover. They are all things I’d like to learn how to do more effectively.

Next comes some words from the coach of the course, She talks about setting the blogs up the right way now for being best placed to be ready for “holiday madness” Achieving what she did last year would be fantastic – while earning more during the year too.

Then there’s a summary of what you get. I like the private group and getting to look at a how a very successful affiliate blog works. The private group for the beginners affilaite course has lots of good stuff going on.

That’s it. A short and sweet sales letter – matter of fact – not a lot of hype or sales talk. I’m buying

The Buying Process

That was painless – all worked well. No upsells to navigate through. Nice. I’m taken to my membership page where there is a link to the course. You get an email with your user name and password

What Do You Get

You get taken to a page that has a ll the course laid out. It is a mixture of text and video. It is long page – so looks like there is a ton of stuff to go throughh. Time to get started.

After a short welcome the first thing to do is to sign up to the Facebook group – which I do. It seems quieter than the group from the home blogging course. But you get a link to that one to sign up to from Facebook page group.

It looks like it has the same issues with the videos of not always loading unless you refresh the page.

First up is:

Finding Keywords

It starts with a video where Lesley goes through what she looks for in keywords to write a blog post about using a paid tool. She also flicks over to her blog posts that she used the keyword in. There’s a bit of noise on it that is distracting but apart from that it’s clear and you find out the thinking behind keyword selection that result in sales. She takes you behind the scenes to show sales being made by the posts. Fantastic.

Following this is a description of the criteria she looks for in keywords. It’s clear and easy to follow.

Just used this to find keywords for my next post on my blog. I should have been doing this before I guess. I found some good keywords for my post doing this. I need to do this will all my existing posts too and make some changes!

The paid tool is easy to use and saves time checking keywords out for competition and searches- although recently I’d stop doing this. I’m going to start doing this. It can’t hurt.

Wow – there is a lot in the tool and also going through the blog. I’m getting lots of ideas on my keywords to help with SEO.

An excellent start to the course, but I’m going to finish here for now as I need to get on with putting stuff out there.

My Thoughts So Far

I thing that it might a bit obvious as to my thoughts on Pajamas Affiliates Affiliate Marketing Masterclass.

What I’ve seen so far on just picking keywords has helped me get more focused on what I need to sprinkle into my blog posts to help with getting more traffic to them – and more conversions. Of course, by making sure they are buyer keywords.

Some people may already do what has been taught here, but there is a difference between knowing and doing effectively. This is what comes out in the course too, with seeing the blog and sales is that this does work and work very well.

So, plenty to put into action after my first session with the course. See you tomorrow.

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