Overwhelmed As to Where To Start – Then Less Big Picture, More Details!

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Overwhelmed As to Where To Start - Less Big Picture, More DetailsWhen you first venture online looking for a way to make money you can quickly reach overwhelm. You might join a forum like the Warrior Forum and start to see what people have posted on the subject of making money online.

You might even ask the question as to what is the best way to get started online. What you get back is loads of information, different ways, conflicting ideas and disagreements.

Some will say it is ad sense or affiliate marketing, kindle, create an info product, provide a service and probably a million other things.

Far from making things clearer it can often make it more confusing and result in overwhelm and more searching and second guessing yourself.

The truth is many of the things do work but the thing often missed out in forum answers is that they take work. The first time you try something it might not work as you need to learn as you go along too – another thing that seems to be missed out by the “gurus.” It is a step by step thing.

A Decision To Be Made

To get past this point it takes making a decision. You need to chose a method for making money online and get busy learning the details and spending most of your time doing that. Learning the steps and getting better at them.

The business model you choose should be the one you think you can work for you. Not easy but you can try putting down the pros and cons of each to help with the decision and then get busy learning.

For me the one I chose was affiliate marketing. It might not be the best one for you, and it might not be the best for me but it seems to be starting to work.

As it is the way I know the most about that is what I’m going to outline is the way to learn about affiliate marketing. The details that need to be learned.

A Place You Can Start To Move On

The things you need to learn starting at the beginning is:

  1. Pick a niche – learn what a niche is how to choose one, how to break it down into sub-niches if necessary.
  2. Choose a domain name – look for information on what makes a good name and what doesn’t.
  3. Keyword research – learn how to determine what people are searching for and what they want to find when they type in their search. Find out the difference between buyer keywords and information keywords.
  4. How to put up a website. If you don’t know research how to build a WordPress site.
  5. Learn about structure and content – what makes good content and what doesn’t. Look at content you think is good and look at it to see what makes it good.
  6. Email – do all niches need email to be successful (the niche you choose might not need an email) how do you write an email, what do you need to be able to send an email
  7. How to make an opt in – If you choose a niche that works with email then you need to know the mechanics of getting someone on your list

8 How to create a giveaway – to give people an incentive to sign up on your list is how to get the initial sign up.

I’d suggest you spend 90% of your time learning these details and only 10% on understanding the big picture things about marketing initially so you can get something started. I found this helped with my feelings of there being too much to do.

Help Is At Hand

If you want to short cut the learning time then one of these courses can get you started (and neither requires you to learn about email to be successful). They are both about using Amazon Affiliate courses for building long term incomes. I’ve completed detailed reviews on both of them.

Extreme Review – a step by step course that does take you by the hand from picking a niche to getting content online to get visitors and conversions. Read about it here

Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing – not quite as step by step as Extreme Review but gives you lots of behind the curtain look at a very successful affiliate marketing blog. You get the steps but also a lot thinking insight behind why you do things a certain way. Read about it here.

What have you found about getting started? Do you agree picking one business model is the way to go?

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