Ninja Reviews Part 2 – Researching And Writing

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Today. I’m looking at the second half of the Ninja Reviews by Erica Stone, as part of my series of implementing Extreme Review (This is part 6).

I’ve been researching my 3rd post for my Amazon site following the method in this guide. These do take a bit of time to do, if you want to do them properly.

You are looking to have informative reviews on your site that help visitors, rather than just re-writing a couple of amazon reviews and the product description. Some people get these type of sites to work and I have had some success initially with doing these, but only for a short period.

The idea is that by doing these detailed reviews the success may take a bit longer but it will stick around longer and you’ll earn more in the long run. That’s my hope. On to the review…


This I think is key to this method, as you really go into a lot of depth to really understand the product and what people really think about it. This section of the guide is about what to look for, where to look for information, and the difference between facts and opinions and their importance to your review.

It’s important to question as you research so you can add the information to your review with confidence that it is right.

Writing The Review

Once you’ve done all the research the guide then addresses how to write the review to build your authority and to address the different needs of visitors that come to your site. There are some excellent tips here to keep in mind when writing you’re review along with an example of how Erica puts it in to practice. It’s great to see the thinking behind the reviews and then see it in practice

Next we’re on to how to get your reader to click on your link to Amazon and there are a number of tips given to do this.

Following this is a point about ensuring you’re not repeating yourself when you’ve written a few reviews which is good information on how to make sure the reviews are not seen as duplication by Google.

To finish, the guide talks about where you can publish and she has a recommendation as to her personal favorite. Plus there is a section about the time to write a review and the benefits of doing it.

Bonus Report

Included with the guide is a report by Bart Hennin called How To Produce Kickass Reviews For Any Product That Will Motivate Your Visitors To Buy.

It’s a 16 page guide. I’m not sure who Bart is but the guide is very good. It runs through researching, the type of review to write, the format and then writing the review. Some excellent tips here especially on the format and writing.

It then finishes with what Bart calls an advanced section to help give you more credibility when writing a review of a product. It is interesting and I can see this being a great way to lead people into your review and establish you as someone who know what they are talking about.

It’s not often you get a very good bonus, but this is one. It gives you plenty to think about and implement.

My Thoughts

Ninja Reviews is a very good complement to Extreme Review. It goes into more detail about what you need to be doing to be able to write a well-researched review. It gives you steps to take and how to think through the information you uncover to write something that people will find helpful. They’re not designed for just ranking high on Google and get people to click your link to Amazon as quickly as possible.

The aim is to get paid for writing the review but you are going about it in a different way to that taught by many products you might come across on the Warrior Forum. It takes more time to write them but the rewards can be greater and last a lot longer too. Well. that’s my view so far.

I could do without the work and time needed to get the reviews written, but when trying anything new it can seem painful and take longer than you want it to. But, I do think the 2 reviews I’ve completed so far do add value for anyone who is looking at buying the products. Not that anyone has stopped by so far (hopefully it won’t be too long before they are coming in big numbers).

Before carrying on too long I think it is worth checking out Ninja Reviews and it will help you write better reviews. As result of this you should be able to see more traffic and better conversions.

It’s not easy but I think anything worthwhile hardly ever is unlike many of the promises you see. Having said that it’s not complicated and the guide sets it all out in a way that is understandable. The information is actionable by anyone who is prepared to research and write in depth helpful reviews.

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