Ninja Reviews By Erica Stone – Extreme Review Part 5

I’ve been busy reviewing and implementing Erica Stone’s Extreme Review course recently. One of the key parts to her method is to do really good and in depth reviews of products sold on Amazon.

Ninja Reviews is her new course on how to write these reviews and it is designed to complement the main course. I thought it a good time to go through this as I am busy writing my third review for the site I am creating based on techniques taught by Erica’s course.

The Sales Page

As with all Erica’s sales pages there is little hype. It is described in the post as “How to Write $$$-Grabbing Product Reviews that Earn Amazon Commissions for YEARS to come.” (Let’s hope so).

There is discussion about the fact that Erica has review sites that 4 years old and are still earning and with a few hours work it’s possible to earn $2500 per year. Ok. sounds good and the foundation to this is review writing process.

Next it’s in to what you get – a 50 page pdf that takes you through the process step by step. I like that it addresses the fact you can write a helpful review for visitors even though you’ve not actually used the product. My view here is based on what I’ve been through so far with writing the reviews and I think they do add value to the reader.

The Buying Process

This is all straightforward and as described in the sale page there are no up sells. You get the main pdf and the bonus pdf in a zipfile to download to your hard drive.

I am going to start with the main guide. It’s a 51 page pdf document. I’m not sure I like the name of the course – what is ninja about Amazon reviews?

The Main Guide

Anyway, now moving on to the guide. It starts with an introduction to the course and it discusses why this guide is needed. It goes into the mechanics of how to write a high quality review in a lot more depth. It will help you to write a review from scratch or improve the reviews you have on an existing site.

Next, it discusses what the objectives of good review are and it isn’t to sell the product but to inform. Which I think is good advice.  According to Erica writing a review this way you can keep people on your site longer, have other sites linking to you naturally, get more visitors  and when people click on the link to Amazon the visitor will have all the information they need to make a decision to buy or not.

Next we’re on to how you can write a review without actually having the product in your hands. It sounds like a lot of work (and it is) but there is a pay off it seems.

Erica shows some earnings for reviews where she has earned a steady income for over 4 years. Those numbers look good and it would be great to earn that from a review.  She makes a good point about how you should think of the work you are putting in – see how much you could potentially earn compared with the hours you’re putting in – you need to put work in that is worth the amount of return you could receive over time.

Now there is a link to a site run by someone doing great reviews and it is very impressive. He must be making good money from it looking at his rankings and the quality of the reviews. It’s some to aspire to and also a niche to avoid when getting started.  It’s also good idea to see how it involved, so as not get overwhelmed.

After a few pages discussing the potential we are on to the actual writing of a review post. It starts with a useful checklist on how to check if your review is complete or not. Next it’s on how to get an outline of a review in your chosen niche (I think this part is an overlap with the Reviewers Edge guide), but it is only a small part of this guide. There are some good tips here on how to come up with ideas on what’s important to include and she works through an example to help demonstrate this.

Next is an excellent section on how to turn the outline into a review. She shows you the questions you need to ask to get you thinking and writing. There are some good tips there on writing an introduction and I like when she thinks it is best written.

My Thoughts

So far this guide is worth getting in addition to Extreme review as it does go in to a lot more detail about writing a review. I like the idea writing more in depth reviews because you are actually helping people and I can see how this could result in better conversions and more traffic over time.

There is more work involved upfront than other courses recommend but it may actually result in less work overall as more people will find your reviews helpful (hopefully). The proof will be in the writing and publishing. So, far I’ve written 2 reviews following these steps and the first one is now ranking at 29 on Google without any promotion. So we shall see. I’m half way through the guide and I like what I’ve seen so far.

That’s it for now you can get started on Ninja Reviews by Clicking Here.

Previous Extreme Review Part 4 is here


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