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Today, I’d like to talk about a guy I think you should be on his email list. I’ve talked in the past about a few people I admire in my review posts but this is someone I don’t think I’ve mentioned. And deserves a mention and is one of my favorite internet marketers and not just because he writes great emails

The guy is Martin Avis

How I Came To Find Him

martin-avis1A few years ago I was subscribed to a printed internet marketing newsletter that also included an interview on DVD. Martin was the interviewee and was discussing how he used PLR to grow his business and the ways that it can be used.

He also talked about how he approached email marketing and some of the issues he had when he was starting.

His approach was different to many of the marketers back then – he did email a few times a week but it wasn’t about pushing the latest product. There was more to it than trying to make a fast buck out of your subscribers.

I liked what I heard so I signed up to his Kickstart Newsletter.

What Is It That I Like About Him

1.He is Personable

This comes through very strongly in his emails (and when I met him). He  writes in a friendly way and you get to feel like you know him. He is open about his life in a way that makes you want to know more.

He seems to have the balance right between his personal life and business in the emails. It’s a great skill to have.

2. He Cares About His Subscribers

He doesn’t just push the latest stuff on you. He recommends things that he believes are good for them. He actually picks them with care and goes through them before he even mentions them. Often his email is a few days after the launch.

There are tips in there too, about being a successful email and internet marketer from his own experience on what works and doesn’t work.

3. He Is Low Key

He’s not pushy. He writes in a persuasive way there is no doubt- I’ve bought a number of recommendations – they’ve been good.

You don’t get all the hype that you get with other marketers emails. He also writes his own emails and it isn’t just some rehashed email that all of the other marketers are sending out. He takes the time to write down what he thinks not just some marketing speak.

4. He Likes The Same Movies

One of the best parts of his emails is that he talks about the movies he and his wife go to see each week or so. He does see a lot of movies. On the whole he seems to have the same opinion I have of them as well with all the action movies he likes. This is a very important reason.

5. He Is Friendly and Networks

I’m not a great fan of networking but do admire it in others that do this well. Martin goes a step further and organizes the London Lunch every 2 months or so.

I’ve been a couple of times and he makes for a good host (despite my dislike and awkwardness).

It’s an event where no selling allowed. He does a great job of making everyone feel welcome. The food was good too. Here again he takes the time to discuss internet marketing freely.

6 His Email Saved Me From A Life Of Further Health Complications

In one of his emails he talked about a book on managing diabetes. It was interesting at the time but not really relevant for me.

Little did I know a few weeks later I’d be more than interested. I was diagnosed with Type 2. It is the book he recommended that I think has made a big difference in my health improving since that day and being and controlling it with diet and medicine. The book is Dr Bernstein’s The Diabetes Solution.

He’s been quieter than usual which he does discuss in his email letters. I hope to see his emails in mre regularly my email box soon.  Thanks Martin..

So, there you are I am a big Martin Avis fan. You, can join his loyal following at the Kickstart Newsletter

Who do you like and what is about them that you like?

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