May 2016 Results Summary

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May 2016 Results SummaryIt’s the start of a new month so it’s time for a quick review of my income for the previous month of May.  It’s the fifth month of the year and also my fifth income report.

May has seen another slight increase in income from the previous month but still short of my record month in January 2016. Still it is an increase But it would be great to see a big jump in it soon.

The Extreme Review sites seem to be continuing to rank well based on the ranking tool I use and there has been an increase in traffic to the sites which reversed what happened in April which saw a decrease. So, more positive news. I’ve continued to add reviews and info posts to the sites as well as 3 posts a week to this site.

Still that’s enough of an introduction and I won’t make you scroll through a lot of stuff to get to the numbers. Here we go:


First up is the revenue earned from the courses I’ve reviewed on this blog and implemented:

Erica Stones Straight Line/Extreme Review $1295.11 Review

PotPie Girl’s RAM (no work for 2 years still producing – just) $2.00 Review

From the IM Blog

Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome (the course that launched this blog)

1.Pajama Affiliate Affiliate Marketing Masterclass $15.00 Review

  1. PotPie Girl’s Bonus Club  $12.49
  2. Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome $13.50 Review

Total $1,336.10 (last month $1319.52)


Hosting $29.95

Online Business Insiders $12.00 Review

(Erica Stone and others internet marketing help forum)

Jaaxy Keyword Tool $19.95

Microsite Rank Tracking Tool $19.95

PotPieGirls Bonus Club $24.97

Courses Bought (see below) $11.10

Total $117.90 (last month $102.02)

Revenue Less Costs $1,218.20  (last month $1,217.50)

Net Increase $0.70


Affiliate Marketing Reviews Published This Month

I published the following review this month

Erica Stone Buried Treasure $11.10 Review

Traffic to this blog:

The stats for this blog after publishing 3 posts a week and posting them to Twitter and Facebook.

Google 224 (171)

Other Search Engines 1 (38)

Direct  46 (98)

Social 43 (577)

Referral 110 (85)

Bounce Rate 70.99% (81.11%)

Time On Site 2:02 (1:39)

Email Subscribers 26 (23)

Just a small increase in Google search and social way down. I didn’t get a post shared like I did last month by the Diary of Felix Brown. Oh well. I’ll keep chipping away with it.

I only managed one review for this site and didn’t do any videos or podcasts. I’m not getting what I want to do with my Extreme Review sites at the moment so wanted to give more time to them. I still need to be making improvements on my productivity in that area too.

Next Month

I’ve been working through the Buried Treasure course by Erica looking at the posts that get the most traffic and should be the ones I look at seeing if I can increase the conversions on them. I’ve made a couple of changes so far but need to do more.

I’ll be making the changes suggested in that course and What Works Now by PotPieGirl. l and How To Write A Blog Post That Converts. There is plenty to do.

So again my aim is to publish 30 posts to Extreme Review Sites and post 3 times a week to this blog as well as work through my older posts making changes.

I’ll post on Friday my update to my Extreme Review sites.

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