Jennifer Ledbetter’s Reverse Attack Marketing Review – The Updates Continue

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Over the past 6 weeks I’ve been implementing the techniques taught in the course Reverse Attack Marketing by Jennifer Ledbetter (Pot Pie Girl). It’s been a frustrating time so far.

Change is a fact of life when using free sites and there has been a number of changes with one site going to stop in December and another the affiliate links have stopped working properly (although a new method has been given to get round this).

Fortunately, being part of Google+ group you get the latest information from Jennifer and other members of the group on how to move on. Last night a revision to part of the strategy was posted to move on and make the most of the changes. I’ll be making the adjustments this weekend.  I understand that an updated version of the course is being worked on to take account of these changes.

But, that is not the most frustrating thing. And this is in the results (or lack of them).

Here is the total activity to date:

RAM Tests: 191

RAM Campaigns: 35

Pages Ranking On Page One: 19

Clicks to Affiliate Offers: 478

Total Hours Invested 54

Sales Nil

(Note process is Select Keyword – Do a RAM Test – Does it pass test? – If yes go to RAM Campaign).

It the last of these stats above that is disappointing. I think I’m doing everything right, and it feels so close and yet so far away.

I am also running behind where I planned to be, as I want to have 61 RAM campaigns completed by end of November, which meant an average of one set up each day. I’ll need to double up on some days to catch up.

I do like the course and you can get test results quickly and doing RAM Tests can be addictive. It can also be repetitive too, like anything. Still that wouldn’t seem so bad if the sales were happening.

So, where does this leave me? I still think this course is valuable especially when you see the pages ranking highly in Google with little work being done, in terms of backlinking, writing content and on page optimization.

My next steps will be to continue on testing and rolling out the campaigns for the month of November to get to a total of 61. I am still hopeful that Reverse Attack Marketing will deliver commissions.  This is in part because a number of people in the Google+ group have reported sales. Also it seems if you are ranking highly and people are clicking on your links you must eventually see a sale. I bet this isn’t entirely true but it would seem there is a higher probability of it happening.

My overall recommendation is that this is a good course and it is worth getting and paying the small extra amount for membership of the Google+ group.  It gives you a great method for testing keywords to see how easy they will be to rank. It is a great place to learn new stuff about the course from what other people are asking and also having your own questions answered.

You can get Reverse Attack Marketing by clicking here.

My next planned update will be in a couple of weeks.

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