Jennifer Ledbetter’s Reverse Attack Marketing Review Part 4 – Expansion, Rankings And Growth

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I’ve been implementing Pot Pie Girl’s Reverse Attack Marketing course this week. I’m enjoying the training so far and have seen some good rankings for the keywords I’ve moved on with the expansion phase..

RAM Example Campaign

After completing my first 6 RAM expansion campaigns it’s time to move on with the rest of the course. so next up is an example RAM campaign. I notice there are 3 other sites and some improving of my sites I’ve already set up I’ll need to do. I should have looked through this before I got busy implementing. Oh well! I’ll get busy adding these steps.

I’m back – now all set up previous campaigns now set up with the correct  number pages. I also did a RAM expansion campaign where the test was just outside the parameters given as an experiment. Based on this sample of one this is a bad idea.

I’ve seen some of my rankings on my initial campaigns dropping. That’s never a great feeling, I’m hoping they will come back and it’s just part of normal up and down that happens with new sites. Even though you know these things can change I find that there is nothing more frustrating and wondering is it all over.

Back to the course material and there is some discussion about the problems with being a content marketer with Google and how RAM can help over come this and get you started. Sounds good – especially about taking over page one with your pages.

Next is a discussion about the quality of the backlinks with the way the interlinking works and helping to make Google look good. Right I’m with this so far. It sounds all very logical. My 31 RAM expansion campaigns for October will test this (the details are here).
Moving on there is a little additional backlinking that is needed and there is a tool recommended. She makes 2 good points about Google and rankings and how to work with them rather than against them..

The tool itself is straightforward to use and it has a monthly fee. I’ve started adding my campaigns.

Growing Your RAM Campaigns

This is for when you have a campaign that is showing real promise and has potential for making some nice amounts of money. There is a very good tip about selecting keywords that I wish was part of the original keyword section.

It is here you start creating more content on 5 other free sites. There is more work involved here but you are growing on something that has real potential. After that you can create your own site if you want. Lots of good tips in this section and it is something I’ll come back to once I have a campaign that is working.  There’s also a further interesting idea on how to get traffic from another authority site by adding content to it. And you can always use other sites to grow out the campaign if you want too.

Other RAM Reports

There are 4 other pdfs included. They all help to expand on the main guide.
(1) Keyword guide – which I have used previously (see here). This is a useful guide in understanding the reasons for ranking keywords and using that to our advantage.

(2) Short steps – this a handy tick list to make sure you complete the steps of RAM test and Expansion

(3) Forward Thinking Guide – Some good tips in here about looking out into the future to see what may be popular and how to position yourself for that now

(4) Site Tips Tricks Quirks – The sites being used for the techniques in the guide all have their own unique ways of working and this guide highlights them, so you can work around them. Some good help included in this

What I Like

The sales page talks about being able to rank multiple pages with your affiliate links and not having to write much content at all. And this is very much the case.

There is not much talk about how much you can earn in the sales letter except for it being an amazing earnings model. I’ve yet to earn anything using the method. I am hopeful I will and it does look like it will deliver an income from what I’ve seen so far. But having said that I do need to reserve my judgement for now. (See below for my next steps to test this feeling).

I took the upgrade which is membership of the RAM Google+ Private community. This has been a good buy with Jennifer being active in the group and others helping answer questions quickly. I can see this being a valuable resource for as long as people remain interested in working this system.

I had an issue joining the group initially. When I contacted support this was sorted quickly – within half an hour. So, customer support is a big tick for me.

The content is actionable and the worked example helps in know what you’re pages should look like when finished.  You can do the testing quickly, once a keyword is selected, it takes between 5 to 10 minutes, and getting a campaign up takes less than an hour. So it is quick and when you’ve been through it a few times it becomes easy. There is nothing really technical in the course.

What I Didn’t Like

There is not too much that annoyed me about the course.

I could have done without the monthly on going costs for tools recommended but this cost is spelled out in the sales letter, so it didn’t come as shock.

I would have liked a bit more explanation on setting up some of the additional sites of RAM expansion, but there is enough here to get them set up with the example.

Some of the set up work is a bit boring but so is writing content that doesn’t rank or any SEO work or keyword selection. I think when the earnings start to come in this will be forgotten.

My Decision

The course is well put together overall and does deliver on the promises of the sales letter. There are strong rankings, you get to test the waters on a keyword before spending time creating content.

It appears to me that it will deliver an income either at the expansion stage or when the campaign is grown out. I believe this course is good for a newbie and more experienced marketer as it provides a new strategy for testing keywords before investing in content creation both in terms of ranking and the possibility of monetizing any traffic that accrues. It seems you can grow the tests out to being a full income earning business that has some protection against Google changes.

My thinking is you can also use it for a site you already have as a way to generate traffic for that site and get good backlinks to it too, which may help with the ranking of the site. You could have hundreds of these webpages directing traffic to your site and not be dependent just on Google directly for traffic. You can check out the course here – Reverse Attack Marketing

Next Steps

As noted earlier I intend to continue using the Reverse Attack Marketing guide to set up 31 RAM campaigns during October to fully test the ideas in the guide. I’ll give brief updates once a week unless something dramatic happens in between.

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