Is There A Future For Affiliate Review Sites?

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Is There A Future For Affiliate Review Sites_There has recently been some questioning as to whether these sites work or that they won’t work in the future.

Affiliate review sites have been predicted to be at an end a number of times over the years. With each major Google algorithm update it seems they had been “slapped” to death.

The Past

You couldn’t rank them anymore, only the big e-commerce sites could rank for review keywords or comparisons, lists etc and so on. The wisdom at the time was that Google hated review sites and would penalise them out of existence.

There had been a time when there was a formula you could follow where you wrote a certain number words including the keyword and built backlinks to it and you could rank the site. The quality to a certain extent was irrelevant to many who were ranking and making money – much like the built for Adsense sites earlier.

The site could be in the top ranking position thus very well placed to make a very good income whether the content warranted it or not.

There is no doubt review sites got smashed and it became accepted that Google hated affiliates and review sites. But not all review sites  or affiliates were “slapped down.”

Some survived and others came up in the place of the ones that disappeared. There is no doubt that what it takes to rank and be successful is different to what it was before and is harder than before.

What Type Of Sites Are Ranking Now

There is probably less review sites ranking highly for keywords and definitely for product keywords but there are still sites up there for buying keywords like – best of, top ten, reviews, does XXX word and so on. As well as longer tail keywords such “best white bookshelf for corner”

They do for the most part, there is always exceptions that these SEO gurus find, need to provide value to visitor first and foremost then the search engines can work out how to rank even with the help of backllinks that may have been forced to boost ranking.

The review or article does need to be there on merit now – there are exceptions.

Some sites as example of review sites that are doing well are The Sweet Home, Best Reviews or The Wirecutter. There are others too.

For the most part these are seen as authority sites rather than small niche sites.

But that isn’t to say niche sites can’t make it too.  I just can’t find one at the moment! These sites do need to have more than a few pages of content – probably about 30 pages of quality content with a mixture of reviews and informational posts. It needs to help the

The Future

What does the past and present as to what the future might be for these sites.

There are sites that have survived the changes and continue to grow.

There is still demand from visitors for information to help them with their decision making. They want well researched information as well as personal experience.

They can get some of that from the large e-commerce sites providing they are prepared to read through the ones that tell you nothing and eliminate the ones that appear to have been bought in some way. The recent action taken by Amazon to remove and pursue false positive reviews has reduced the e-commerce site reviews helping I think the independent review site.

For me I think the future of affiliate review sites is strong because of those reasons. People want information and they want it to be credible and reliable.

So, the review sites need to be credible and appear credible. They do that by providing quality information and they look good. I think they need to be written by people who have the products or have done in depth research (whether that is the owner or someone that knows the product hired to write it doesn’t matter).

The site does need to be open about how they do their reviews so that there is no problems with credibility.

The most important point is that they must provide value to the visitor with the information and look good too. To be profitable they need to focus on what people are searching for when looking to buy a product or a range of products for the best results. They also need to be written about keywords that can be easily ranked for (especially in the beginning).

The good thing is there is always new keywords being entered into the search engines as well as new products too opening up new areas where review sites can add value to the customer.

P.S If you want to know more about creating review sites that work now and in the future I recommend you check out these top 2 affiliate marketing courses Extreme Review or Home Blogging And Affiliate Marketing . They both show you how to build a review site the right way.

What’s you view on affilaite review sites now and into the future? Will there still be a place for them? And will threy profitable?

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