Internet Marketing Q & A Episode 2

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Yesterday, I went through 3 questions I’d recently seen on being an Amazon affiliate program. Today, I’m continuing on with the Q & A with some questions related to affiliate marketing.
Internet Marketing Q-A2

What is the best source of traffic for affiliate sites?

There is lots of different places you can get traffic to a site – there is search, paid adverts (adwords etc), Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, guest posts, instagram, YouTube and more.

My experience has been that the best source has been Google search. When I’ve tried other sources they don’t seem to click through to the offer or if they do, they don’t buy or cost too much compared to the income generated.

I know some people have been able to use Pinterest and Facebook traffic successfully to get traffic that converts. Some of this maybe down to the niche you choose where people like to share what they’ve bought or save for later what they are going to buy – I can’t see an acne (not one of niches) or other such products being particularly social.

It is one thing to get traffic to a site or have lots of followers it is another to get traffic that converts to buyers.

I’ve managed to attract visitors to my site by ranking for search terms and they have clicked through to the merchant (Amazon) and some of them have bought something.

Part of the conversion equation is to attract people who are looking to buy something and not just those wanting to be entertained or informed. I am at the moment better at identifying those buyer keywords than I am at working out how to present Facebook shares and Pinterest pins so that people feel they are social but are also looking to buy when they click through.

What are buyer keywords?

When people are searching online they are looking for three broad categories: entertainment, just for information or looking to buy. They’re not exclusive and it is more a continuum than distinct categories.

Buyer keywords fit in the information/buyer end of the spectrum where people are looking for specific information about how to fix a specific problem, a group of products or a product, a product review or wanting to find the best place to buy a product or buy it.

Fixing a specific problem is the least buyer keyword but you can write an article that solves the problem with a specific product that you linked out to.

Examples of the other buyer keywords could be best product for abc, product review and cheapest product . Finding these buyer keywords are the best way to help with conversions for your blog as people are further along the buying cycle and you are there to help them along that process.

Buyer keywords make it much easier to convert your visitors. Definitely worth spending the time to understand them more. See more on Buyer Keywords here

Do you need an email list to be successful with affiliate marketing?

This is something that get’s pushed a lot by internet marketers that you need an email list to be successful at any type of activity on the internet.

Email lists do have some advantages if they are treated right and you build a relationship with the people on the list so that they trust you (unless you are prepared to burn through them as you have a model that has a positive return – sounds scammy to me but people do it and get it to work).

When you have a list of loyal customers that you can email and know a certain amount of them will buy based on your recommendations . If something happens to your other sources of traffic you still have these people that you can provide information and recommend whatever happens to the other sources.

You can be helping and earning over and over again as you market to your list.

Just having a list isn’t enough as you do need to know how to build the list so they are buyers and not just after information as well as how to structure your emails to them so they are opened and convert.

Without a list you don’t have this opportunity. But not all niches lend themselves to an email list or that it is worth using this approach.

(That’s all very well but can you still be successful without an email list as an affiliate? Answer the question!)

The 2 Extreme Review sites that I talk about on this site have both been build without an email list and earned just over $2000 in January and will earn over $1000 in February.

The site that is talked about and demonstrated in the Pajama Affiliates course Affiliate Marketing Masterclass earned over $70k in the October to December 2015 with no email list and traffic from Google and Pinterest – so the answer to quest is yes and you can earn a very good income from it too.

What’s you view on these questions? Do you agree or disagree? Please let us know your insight in the comments below.

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