Instant Commissions Exposed Review – Anthony Aires Reveals His 3 Step System To Big Commissions

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It’s been quite a long time since I posted, its been hectic, but not so much as to stop me working on my internet marketing and testing out new products I’ve bought. One of the new ones I want to talk about is Anthony Aires Instant Commissions Exposed. I’ve had this for a few weeks now.

I heard about Anthony Aires when I bought Profit with Hangouts. It seems he’s a well known and successful marketer (I must have been living under a rock I guess). I got an email about his new product and I went and took a look.

The Sales Page

It starts off with giving a bit of background on Anthony – nice to know. The earnings proof is interesting when you see the large individual commissions being made at $149 and $249 a time.

Next the sales ledger talks about getting paid instantly for what you do as an affiliate, which sounds great to me – it would be nice to have $149 – $249 being deposited into your paypal account.

In the course he reveals the product he is making those commissions on, where to find them, how to persuade people to buy and how to get on page one of Google.

Then there is the sales part of the sales letter and I’m hooked. I push the buy now button.

The Buying Process

This is all handled through JVZoo and goes smoothly, there is an upsell which I ignore at this stage (but I do buy later once I’ve been though the course)..

What Do You Get.

You are taken to an inner page that has a link to his private coaching group. I sign up and this has had some good information shared on it in addition to that in the course itself.

The course itself is a 49 minute and 29 seconds video. I said “Oh no” to myself when I first saw that. However, I’ve been through it 3f times now and I’ve learned a lot from it and it’s not the drag I was expecting.

It starts with a bit of preamble about there not being much competition and there’s plenty to go around and some talk about what is value and what isn’t.

About 4 minutes in he gives an overview of the idea and his campaign is revealed with him dominating the first page of Google (The traffic domination course shows you how to do this – the upsell, which I now have).

The big idea of getting high ticket instant commissions is from a source I had never heard of.

He then tells about the surefire way to get on to the first page of Google fast.  This is all good information to know. In this 4 minutes segment he reveals a lot of good stuff.

Next is about where to find these products, and I didn’t know these places existed or thought of this as a way to take advantage of the products even though I am well aware of the product and what he’s using to promote it. Very clever. There also doesn’t appear to be much competition from the examples he gives.

He shows you where to find the high ticket products where you can get paid high commissions instantly. Good information to know.

Next up he goes through structuring the content for best results which makes sense and shows you where to see a couple of examples.

The video then moves on to another way to use his idea to make some money. I’ve actually been using this method and I have made some commissions following the ideas in the course. (I’ve not tried the first method yet but will be once I feel I’ve mastered the conversion technique).

He talks about the keywords he goes after – there are 3 keywords he targets, and 2 of them are the most profitable.

My Thoughts

I would have liked some notes with the course, and not to be all delivered in one long video. However, the Instant Commissions Exposed video is easy to follow along and the technique is new to me and looks great.It’s great that he reveals the product he actually made money from and shows his ranking on Google,

It also works. I have had some success already from implementing the course and I’ve not tried the main part of it yet. So, overall it is something that is able to be implemented and you can earn  money from it.

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