How To Make Incredible Online Income By Simply Recommending Products Review Part 4 And Opinion

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Today, I’m going through the bonuses that you get with How To Make Incredible Income Online Simply Recommending Products. I’ve got some good ideas from the main manual so far that I need to put in place for my reviews.

You get 5 separate bonus PDFs. (Some are a surprise!) . Bonus 1 is Free Resources And Tutorials. It goes 4 different topics:

1.       How to Pick Niches And Do Keyword Research

There are tips on the difference between buyer and informational keywords and looking for related keywords. As well as that there are links to YouTube videos on selecting niches and keyword selection and how to assess competition using a free tool. There are some very good videos linked to here that go through the process well. They are a bit different to the Straight Line process I’m following but I don’t think they’ll put you wrong.

2.       WordPress Tutorials 9 Part Video Course

This has links to YouTube videos showing you step by step how to use WordPress. The videos are good for beginners. I’ve only looked at briefly but they look very comprehensive if you haven’t set up a wordpress blog before.

3. Website Building With Free Software Plus Tutorials & Templates

Some good tips and resources here for beginners too on free tools to build a web site, squeeze pages and free hosting.

4. Free Graphics, Free Graphics Creation Software & Tutorials

This again is full of good resources you can use for free. I’ll probably come back here and use some of these to do some graphics for my site and also the links to the tutorials are handy too.

So, overall it’s a good bonus especially if you are a beginner but there are some good resources for more experienced people too.

The next bonus is:

How To Generate Income Without A Website, Blog or Email List

It is a 13 page PDF.  It goes through how to pick a niche and keyword. It then goes 3 methods to be able to market a bonus product you create (tips how to do this in the main manual). These 3 methods are interesting and look to me like they could work and one of them is the method Bart used to earn the affiliate income noted in the sales letter. It is well put together. I don’t think I’ll be doing this soon as it doesn’t tie into what I’m trying to do with my Amazon review site.

These 2 bonuses are worthwhile going through and make a good addition to the main guide.

There are 3 surprise bonuses. They are PDFs. The first is how to write kickass reviews and I got this with Ninja Reviews as a bonus. This is an excellent report and definitely worth getting – it is one of the best bonus reports I’ve ever got.

The next surprise goes through how to use a free keyword tool for keyword research. It is clear and runs through the process with good images and is step by step.
The final bonus gives you a simple idea to make your site stickier and then gives you examples on how to use it – a couple that I’ve not used and will be interesting to test out on my site. This report is also a good example of bonus 2 to use as a model on how to structure a bonus report.

Final Thoughts

Overall I think How To Make Incredible Income Online Simply Recommending Products is worth investing in. If you want to improve your review writing, get better conversions and thereby earn more commissions this course will help you. It works well with Erica Stone’s Amazon review courses but you don’t have to have any of the products to get real value out of it.

The course gives you short examples on how to use the techniques. I’m going through the ideas and working on incorporating them one at a time into my reviews rather than trying to do them all at once, but that’s just me being cautious and trying not to do too much at once. If you are a more natural writer you could easily incorporate a lot of the ideas right away into your reviews, there’s no need to do it the way I’m doing it. The main thing is just to get started. (If I was getting more traffic to my sites I’d try split testing to really see the impact. I’m sure that’s just around the corner.)

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