How To Make Incredible Online Income By Simply Recommending Products Review Part 2

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I’m back today continuing with my review series on How To Make Incredible Online Income By Simply Recommending Products by Bart Hennin. So far, I’ve found the content to be worthwhile and I’m going to be including the tips into my next reviews to help make them more engaging and useful to my readers.

I tend to write about features and facts and not about how product can help and who it might benefit. It is something I need to work on and this course is helpful to me to give some ideas for being more engaging. Facts are boring after all – so I’m told.

Now it’s on to the 2nd half of the Main Manual Part 1 which starts with a discussion about really connecting with your visitors. It starts with a real life example and then goes through how to do this with a product review. There are a number of different examples given depending on the circumstances.

Bart works through a number of different ways you can bond or connect with your visitor, and there is a lot in here too. There are a lot of good ideas to work through. These ideas will stretch my writing skills to include them as they are more “empathizing” than telling facts about the product. It is very good stuff and it will be worth the stretch to write more engaging reviews.

The next point is something I always try to do and he has some ideas on how you can do this. They are like the rest of the guide very good.

It finishes with a summary of the guide which is a good over view. He includes one more tip on which products to choose which is worth keeping in mind when researching your reviews.

The Part 1 of the Main Guide is full of good ideas that I will be trying to add to my reviews from now on. What I will have to do is to choose one and try to add it to my review as it will help to make my reviews more personable and interesting as they do tend to be dry with just the facts which are useful but not particularly engaging. You can use the ideas for a product you own or one you are researching online or offline and reporting back.

Main Manual Part 2

Now, on to Part 2 of the Main Manual. This is a 35 page pdf guide. The first 2 pages are the title page and disclaimer. The third page lists the contents. From this I see the guide is about the anatomy of an irresistible product recommendation.

This manual goes through the 13 parts that make up an irresistible recommendation; you are given a summary checklist to start with which I think will come in handy once I’ve been through the guide.

The first section is on providing information on you niche over and above write reviews. This is something that I’ve done with my Amazon review site but not with IM Product Blogger. He has some good ideas for what this additional information could be and where to find ideas for it. I’ve had a look at some of the free resources and I’ve got some more ideas for my Straight Line Site (Amazon review site). This will give me a few weeks worth of posts I think. Side note: One site that he doesn’t mention that can be good for inspiration on niche ideas and posts is

Next it is on how to make your site sharable and sticky. This can help with rankings in Google. There is a bonus report to read on this to give you techniques for doing this. I’ll take a look at this later when I’ve got through this manual. It also links out to a good resource of social site sharing set up.

The next section is on how to start a review to make it more engaging. It asks you to read a bonus report which is the report I got with Ninja Reviews. It is very good, I’ve just not put into practice but I’ll add it to my list. I’ve put it off because I thought I’d wait until I had some visitors with is probably a mistake as it does make a lot of sense to include these ideas in reviews I write.

The next section is about going the extra mile in your reviews. It doesn’t give any examples or how to go about it particularly. I agree with this and Erica Stone’s Ninja reviews is the best guide I’ve seen on doing this.

Thoughts So Far

This is another good section of the course that I am adding into my reviews and site. I’m going to add some of these ideas to this site too.  These ideas will work well with Straight Line and The Guide To Cashing In on Shiny New Object Syndrome.

I think Bart’s course How To Make Incredible Online Income By simply Recommending Products is full of good ideas so far and really gets you thinking about how you can take your reviews to the next level in making them more useful for your readers.


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