How To Get Your Posts Indexed In Google Fast

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google indexWhen your website is new or you don’t add content to it every day or you took a long day it can take what seems an age for Google to index your latest post.

You can post on your social media pages to help in the process but that is still slow.

You’re left with all your precious content wallowing there not even in the index – out in no-man’s land.

There are 2 ways I know that can speed up the Google indexing process to a few minutes – this doesn’t mean it will be rank but it does bring that closer as Google now has it in its index it can start to work out where it should go. THe post gets to work sooner and therefore visitors sooner followed by commission shortly after.

The first method is using Google Webmaster tools for a site you have added to it.

First step is to sign in and select your site. Then you click on crawl then fetch as Google in the drop down menufetch as google

This brings you to the screen where you enter your URL:

Enter you URl, click the fetch button. This add the URL (web address) to a path list. You then click on the submit to index:

enter your url

This takes you to a pop up screen. Here you tick the (6) I’m not a robot box and then tick the (7 ) Crawl on this url.

choose submit method

And thats it, Your post has been submitted to the index. Then in minutes it should be indexed (most times) and it can start to be assessed for wher it should be ranking.

I’m going to check this with this post to see how fast it gets indexed. (I was going to use yesterdays post but it was already indexed. 🙂


Alternatively, If you don’t want to go into your webmaster tools or you have a site or page not added you can do this by going to:

This takes you to the screen where you enter your gmail account and password. One you’ve done that you are taken to this screen:

submit your url

You enter the your wesite or page URL, then tick to say you are not a robot and then click the submit the request button. And that is it. Your post is now on its way to being indexed.

Now back to see how fast your posts can get posted. Here is this post published (without this section)


Is it in the index. I used Firefox private and was signed out of Google. Nowhere to be seen  (it wasn’t on the rest of the page). I entered the URL address of the post in the search boxto check to see if it was indexed.

not showing in index

Here it is submitted to the index in webmaster tools:

URL submitted

Now to check if it indexed using Firefox privacy mode and signed out of webmaster tools


There it iis ndexed and only a minute or so later. What a relief!


Do you wait for Google to find your post? Or do you have a way to get your posts indexed? Do you have any tips you’d like to tell us about?

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