How To Change User Name From Admin In WordPress

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One of the security tips given by most experts is that your user name should be admin as it is the default name used by WordPress it can help hackers to get into your site.

But what happens if you’ve already set it up that way.

The good news is that you’re not stuck with it and it is easy to change.

The simplest method

You set up a new user and delete the “admin one” using your WordPress dashboard by going to Users

First off you add a new user:

add new user

Be sure to choose a name that is hard to guess – not a real name but a random combination and choose a tough password to. Be sure to choose role as Administrator on this page at the bottom. Make sure you take a note of all this.

Click the add new user.

Next sign out. of wordpress

Then sign back in using the new user you’ve just created:


Next step is to delete the admin user, which you can do by going to the users/all users and clicking under the name.

Go back to users and click on all users and click delete under the admin user.

Press Delete

Go back to users and click on all users and click delete under the admin user. Then click delete:

This takes you to a screen where it asks you what you want to do with any posts you’ve made as admin. The best options is select attribute all posts to your new user name. Then click delete

Attribute to new user

That’s it all done. You may want to check with your new user that the name used when posting posts is a nickname rather than the name used to sign in.

You do that by going into the user menu again under the new user name:

Add a nickname different to sign in name


This stops the hackers from picking up your sign in name from your blog.


If you want to know more about having secure WordPress site I recommend you check out How To Set Up A WordPress Site In A Day – it not only shows you how to set it up properly it shows you the plug ins to use and configure for a robust and more secure WordPress site. It very step by step and easy to follow along to for beginners and with good tips for more advanced users too.

Do you take steps to secure your site? Do you have any tips you’d like to share?

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