How Robin Cockrell Losing Her Job And Her Boyfriend Within 24 Hours Of Each Other Made Her An Online Success!

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My interview today is with Robin Cockrell one of the most successful and real affiliate marketers I know. Her courses (along with Leslie Stevens) over at Pajama Affiliates are helping hundreds of affiliate marketing beginners and intermediates make measurable progress towards a proper and sustainable online business.

Robin’s interview below has lots of great tips and I really appreciate her taking the time to do this.

Robin Cockrell - Pajama Affiliates

Q: How did you get started with an online business?

I was at a job that I was so unhappy at. My boss was extreme OCD. When she would go to lunch or was out of the office, I would get online and research work from home opportunities. Terrible I know. I bought into a lot of them and was scammed and lost thousands of dollars. I had begun researching affiliate marketing and was trying to learn that on my own.

Eventually my boss fired me.. My boyfriend broke up with me the next day. I was a mess. I found a book about how to get your ex back and discovered I could sell it via affiliate marketing! My goal was to get my ex back, but I made my first $31.00 online instead and the rest is history.

Q: What do you think made the most difference to you being successful?

My refusal to give up! My willingness to be uncomfortable at times. The belief that it can be done and that it can be me that does it. Commitment and persistence!

Q: For someone just getting started out what advice would you give to them as to what they should concentrate their effort on?

To learn the business and get some help. Find a mentor/mentors. Don’t go at it alone. Find your niche and stay focused on that as opposed to jumping from one thing to another.

Q: Why do you think some people succeed with an online business and some never seem to get there?

Those that get there are willing to step out of comfort zones, embrace new beliefs and have the ability to let go of things that aren’t serving them. They share, as opposed to hoard and believe that this is an abundant world that we live in. They accept that there will be failures in their path and don’t allow those failures to define them. They see obstacles as opportunities. As opposed to waiting for the other shoe to drop, they see there are always new shoes available.

Q: You’ve had a lot of success with affiliate marketing – can you let us know you best tips for developing a successful affiliate site?

Know your audience and your market and give them what they want and need.

Stick with it. Add quality content consistently. Don’t quit, keep going for a year, then another, then another.

I hope you enjoyed my interview with Robin Cockrell. You can more great tips and advice on how to make money from Robin on affiliate marketing from the Pajama Affiliates Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course for beginners.

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All of the the courses show you how to build sustainable business and income online the right way.

So, now a question for you, What is the one thing you need to move your business forward online?

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