How Ash Keogh Went Straight From School To Internet Marketer

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My interview today is with Ash Keogh a young guy who is traveling the world while building a successful internet marketing business (Living the internet dream!)

I’ve “known” him for about a year from his comments on this blog and more recently as we are both members of Pajama Affiliates.

Ash’s interview below is full of great tips for anyone getting started or for those not where they want to be. I appreciate him taking the time to do this.

ash keogh interview

How did you get started with an online business?

I got involved with affiliate marketing and blogging when I started using Squidoo almost five years ago now back in its prime, creating one page websites and earning commissions that way. It was a hobby as I was still in school at the time, not something I took too seriously.

Fast forward to last year (2015) and I’d finished school and was still interested in online marketing but Squidoo had imploded and I wanted to move onto bigger and better things, something that would give me a solid foundation of my own rather than building up someone else’s website.

I started a blog around cosplay but it wasn’t really doing much. I already knew Robin Cockrell who you’ve interviewed before from Squidoo and saw she was offering a course on how to blog.

Once I started putting the course into action and touching up my posts things moved rapidly and I started earning more and more from that blog.

What do you think made the most difference to you being successful?

Consistency! Don’t treat it like a hobby, get a planner and create a schedule and stick to it. Build up one thing at a time and focus.

For someone just getting started out what advice would you give to them as to what they should concentrate their effort on?

Pick a niche and stick with it. No point going from idea to idea looking for the ‘next best thing’ because that doesn’t exist. Narrow yourself down to a few income streams and commit yourself to working on those each and everyday like a real business.

I also think it’s important for anyone starting out to think about what they can bring to their market, how can they do one better than the competitors.

Go the extra mile: be in-depth with your posts, add personal photos, infuse your writing and personality but just do something different so you stand out. There are millions of blogs out there, give people something to keep coming back for. Why be a cornflake when you can be a fruit loop? Your blog shouldn’t read like a Wikipedia page but like a friend sitting down with you coffee in hand having a fun conversation.

Why do you think some people succeed with an online business and some never seem to get there?

Unrealistic expectations, lack of consistency, jumping from idea to idea. There are certain people I see who seem to be doing new things each week, looking for the next goldmine and getting nowhere after years of work. Like they’re running on a hamster wheel and don’t even notice.

It’s easy to become disinterested and move onto something else but commit yourself to a year of sticking with one niche and one project. Think you’re failing because you’re not making progress quick enough? Try ‘failing’ for a year and see where that gets you!

Where do you see yourself in a year from now? Map it out and work consistently, daily work throughout a year adds up. Most offline businesses take six months to a year to see profit, an online business is no different. If you’re not in this for the long haul there is no point starting.

Don’t work from a place of desperation about earning money fast, that’ll get you nowhere. Work with a goal oriented mindset, creating goals with variables you can control.

For example: Don’t set traffic/monetary goals, set goals on the amount of content you can publish each month or the amount of words written. That way you are in control and you are responsible for the work you put in and the results will follow.

Set out a big calendar and mark off days where you will write, no Facebook or television. Get your butt in chair and crank out words. Once you set a habit of DOING in motion it’s hard to stop!

You’ve had success with affiliate marketing on Zazzle and Amazon – can you let us know you best tips for developing a successful site?

Do your keyword research, write the best article you possibly can, format it correctly and then promote it on all social channels. After that let what will be be. Move onto the next article and do the same.

Go back and tweak old articles but most of all keep creating new content and keep the ball rolling. Your content is the most important part of it all, this is your time to shine let your personality come through, don’t be stale and boring.

Consistency, consistency, consistency! In your writing, in your formatting, promotional activities. You’re building a brand, a piece of virtual real estate and that involves investing yourself and your time.

Paul here – I hope you found the interview interesting and helpful. I know I did. He is living proof what consistency can do for you and you’re never too young to get started. (I might even be a little jealous!) I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more from Ash in the future!

You can find out more about him and get more tips and techniques from Ash at his blog The Methodical Teen.

He has also just released a new ebook Zazzle Zoom on how to make a passive income on Zazzle – covering being an affiliate with them and selling products on Zazzle. It takes you through the whole process of getting started as an affiliate to promoting your posts and how to set up your Zazzle store for success. You can choose to do both or just concentrate on one – it seems to have that covered. Find out more about Zazzle Zoom here.

So, over to you now – What do you think is keeping you from seeing the success you want online?

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