Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course From Pajama Affiliates Review Part 7

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Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course By Pajama Affiliates ReviewI’m enjoying and getting some very good stuff out of the Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course from Robin Cockrell and Lesley Stevens – the Pajama Affiliates.

It maybe  a course for beginining bloggers and affiliate marketing to get them started the right way but there is plenty in there for people who have already started and making some money online too. That’s what i’ve found as I’ve gone through it.  I

‘m looking forward to getting started on the next steps. So here, we go

Step 20 Creating Product Displays With Affiliate Links

The first video is on how using a paid tool can really improve the visual appeal of product displays from Amazon and other merchants.

It does look like a really good tool. It is pretty cheap too. It makes posting product images from Amazon and other merchants quick – they do look professional too.

I’ll need to look at this tool.It’s a good overview video. What follow are more vidoes on how to use the tool.

The rest of the videos run through it all clearly to get the good looking displays on your site.

There’s no doublt the tool produces great images and looksfairly easy to use – its just a different styte to my Extreme Review sites but these images  obviously work and I need to think about how to add them to them. But for now I’ll wait to set up my new Pajama Affiliates blog before doing this as well as going through the Affilaite Maketing Class.

There are 5 videos that run between 3 and 8 minutes. Overall you get a good demonstration of the paid tool to get good results. As always they move through the points very quickly and need to be watched more than once.

 Step 21 Improve Rankings To Existing Blog Posts

Interesting video on how to keep your posts moving on up the ranks. I definitely need to start doing this especailly on some of those that just aren’t doing what I’d like to go. There is a quick run through of what things to do and the results of some posts.

I did check the one that Robin went through to see where it was ranking now – it had slipped one place from 2 to 3. Oh no!  THat might be due to my location. I’m not concerned by that cause I’ll do some testing myself to see what happens with doing the things recommended.

Step 22 Sharing On Social Media

I’m still having to refresh the video – that is a bit of a pain but at least they come back. I hope they sort that soon.

Video 1 is a quick run through of social media and why you should do it. It’s a good summary and there was one thing on it that I don’t do that I need to start to see if that helps with getting more views and visitors to your site.

Video 2 is more on using social media. It’s not that in depth, you won’t be shown how to sign up for them – but there isp lent on that online. It is more the important things to make note of to set up an effective account and how to get people seeing your social media posts and clicking to your blog without having any followers. I need to try this out.

THe method should help to grow your followers as well.

And that the course completed, except for setting up a blog, which is coming at the beginning of February.

I’ve got somethings to improve my existing blogs from this course that I can do:

1. Look at the content for “eye/buy appeal”

2. Put more effort into and use social media better to get more visits even with no followers.

3.Do some more keyword research using the keyword tool for better keywords

4. Implement techniques to improve rankings of existing posts

5. Use approach to writing to have more unique and interesting posts that convert better.

I think that that is a good haul from a beginners course on affiliate marketing and blogging.

I’d normally say now what I think of the course and then starrt to update as I implement. But in this case there is a section to come, so I’ll need to be patient here and just give my thoughts to date.

So How Is The Course

To be upfront and get the important stuff out first I think the Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course is a very good course for beginners.

It’s not perfect. There are a few things that could be improved:

1. The blog set up is not there (which is coming)

2. Sequencing of some of the steps seems to me to be back to front

3. Some of the videos go through the points too quickly – at least it stops them from being boring and drawn out like you some time get

4. Lacking some details in the steps but can be found online or asking in the Facebook group

5.Having to refresh the videos when moving on to the next one to watch it.

6. Better presentation of free ways to do things. The paid tools are good and make it quicker but would be good if the free alternatives were presented also.

Okay apart from the blog set up (and that is going to be here soon there isn’t anything too major. Especially when you consider the good points.

Here are my highlights: (on top of my to dos above).

1. Active Facebook Group – This is one of the best groups I’ve been involved in. There is people helping each other, competitions and active encouragement by all.

2. Use of Actual Sites Examples- this is outstanding. It makes so much easier to understand what makes for a succssful site – you can use them to model your own ideas for site

3.Excellent Niche Selection – runs through a good practical way to coe up wth and select a niche to get started with

4. Content Selection, Writing And Presentation – this really goes into what makes for a good post for readers.

5. SEO of Posts – what to do and how to think about your content

6. No forced link building – no trying to force rankings by building links other than social sharing


Next Steps

I’m going to start going through the Affiliate Master Class and work through my to dos. When the blog set up material is added I’ll go through that and let you know how that all goes.

If you’re a beginner blogger and affiliate marketer this is good course to get you started the right way to build a business.

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