Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course By Pajama Affiliates Review Part 6

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The Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course by the Pajama Affiliates is shaping up to be one of the best courses I’ve been through. There are great insights on writing content that looks good and converts.

One of the highlights for me is going through Robin Cockrell and Lesley Stevens blogs. Especially Lesley’s which is a real blog that makes money. You can use it to model your own blog – it is seeing how the personality comes through and just being normal – there is no need to be writing like some superstar writer.

Don’t get me wrong the writing is good but I don’t think it will win a Pulitzer! And that is the takeaway for me you don’t have to be a first class writer – you just have to be you and write personal and relevant content (with good English skills) to have a successful Amazon review blog.

Plus, using images well makes a big difference to how good the posts look. Which is what today is going to be about. But before that it is going through the step where the video wasn’t working yesterday.

Step 17 Interlinking Blog Posts

It’s working now!. I put a post in Facebook group yesterday and it was soon fixed. This video goes through the importance of interlinking for search engines to crawl your site and rank in Google. It then shows how to do it.

They do it different way to how I do it, it’s not as efficient as my method but equally effective in getting the interlinking done.

Overall, well explained and demonstrated.

On to the images – looking forward to this – it’s one of my weaknesses:

Step 19 Image Tutorials

pajama affiliates home blogging and affiliate marketing course reviewStarts with a quick but good tip to know about images and SEO. Then it’s on to video 1. Its about making images a certain size using a free tool = it is a different one to the one I use. There’s more to it and looks like you can do better stuff with the fonts.

Okay a good tool .It’s free. Something to have a play with and learn.. I’ve tried out making an image for one of my blogs – looks good -for me anyway.

Next video is on a free digital photos site. It shows how to use it and save it. Quick and easy to follow.

On to the next video on how to create images for your blog. Another good run through of using free images and the tool. Simple enough – I just need to get better with images by spedning more time on them. I’m really poor on this – you can see that with the image I’ve included here. Time to learn the tools properly and model from this video and the sites and Pinterest I think.

A good video and it has me thinking on possibilities of image design.

The 4th video is on recipe images. That was another good run through of the free tool. I definiely need to spend more time using this and the tool I normally use.

The next video is on how to upload an image up to your blog. That was pretty quick run through if you are new I think you are probably going to need to go through that a couple of times – it is about 7:40 long – so not long winded. Lesley does get on with things. There were a couple of things in this on imagea i didn’t know you could do. Nice!

The 6th and final video is on smaller image size – good to know as smaller image sizes don’t slow your page load time. That was easy – good idea too. The free image tool tells you how big the image and file size and gives a quick way to cut it down in size. Excellent stuff.

So that the end of that step there is some good useful stuff in there. You are taken through it all quickly but the videos aren’t too long and once you’ve a blog it’s worth coming back and working through them again with an image or two to get the hang of it.

I’m going to leave it there I think as I want to get some other stuff done on my other blogs.

How I See It So Far

I think it probalby is just a “little obvious” how this run through is going and what I think of the Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course by the Pajama Affiliates.

Robin Cockrell and Lesley Stevens have put together a very good course for beginners on blogging and affiliate marketing. There is lot more demonstrating than there is with Erica’s Extreme Review with the use of videos. It does give you more insight into the thinking of what makes a good post.

As what you could call an intermediate blogger I( guess) I am getting value out of it that I am going to put into some of my existing blogs – particularly making the content more engaging with more eye appeal in set out and with better use of images. (Make me wonder what the intermediate course is going to cover – which I’ll be looking at very soon.)

The niggles with the course are having to refresh the pages to get the videos to start, the blg set up not there yet and I don’t like some of the sequencing with it not following the order I’d like to see. But they are relatively minor.

There are 3 more steps left to complete what is there. When the set up of a blog is released it will give you what’s needed to get started blogging for a beginner.

In addition there is the Facebook group that has lots going on with plenty of help available too. If you do run into any issues Robin and Lesley are wuick to respond as are other members of the group. This is outstanding as many courses don’t have this level of support and follow up and if they have a facebook group it seems to die out – but they are doing something right to keep it going with valuable information and interaction.

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