Is There A Holy Grail In Internet Marketing?

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Is There A Holy Grail In Internet Marketing?While reading through The Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome I read a section about searching for the “Holy Grail” of internet marketing.

This was a question the Tiffany Lambert had received from one of email subscribers.

It got me thinking whether I felt like that about internet marketing.

Although I don’t think I was going to be an overnight success I still was looking for the answer to all my internet marketing problems. And this is one of things that gets you addicted to buying that next shiny object.

There’s that hope that the next course will be the one that everything clicks into place and you start to make money – and the next is that it grows quickly into a huge income.

The thing is I’ve yet to find that “Holy Grail” program and if you are still looking for it I’m going to disappoint because it doesn’t exist. (Just in case – it you’ve found it please let me know where it is!)

So why bother?

As with any business there are people with different levels of skills and talents that can help in achieving success quicker. It can get you there quicker (a good income) but it’s not the only reason.

And again just like offline business in general there are many different ways that you can make money online.  You can make it with email marketing, creating your own product, affiliate marketing, kindle books, adsense, YouTube, SEO, any combination of these and so on.

I’ve tried many different ways to make money online. Some of them were bad ideas but many were good and can make money with them.  Some, if I’d stuck with them they might have made the difference but a problem of some sort with them and jumped to the next idea or shiny new object.

All that time I was hopeful that I’d find something – the big idea or the answer that would lead to the riches – which for me was to replace the income I made working for someone else. I wasn’t keen on having the threat that my employer had that power of deciding I was surplus to their requirements at any time they wanted and let me go. (Which they did do.)

I believe and I’ve had some personal confirmation that it is possible to make a good income from the internet.  So that’s why.

No Holy Grail So What Makes The Difference.

For me, it was a change of mindset which didn’t happen overnight. The course I referenced at the top  Tiffany Lamberts The Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome played a big part in that.

Even this course sat on my computer for a number of months (I can’t remember how many) before I got started with it.

By implementing the steps in that course I started this blog, I implemented Erica Stone’s Extreme Review and kept at it, and I’ve slowed down on the shiny new objects.

It wasn’t a quick thing. I did start some things that I didn’t follow through on – that could have worked out (RAM for instance) but they did pull me away from something that I seemed to be getting success with.

I’ve not done anything that special to get to $1,000 a month with one month earning just over a $2,000.

It has come down to committing, sticking with a course that works (well two I guess), having a coach,  keeping at it when it didn’t seem to be working as I’d hoped for, not trying to do anything too clever and doing the best that I can.

And I think, if there is anything that is the “Holy Grail”, it comes down to finding a good business ides or system and then sticking with it.

It will be different for different people as we are all different.

The 2 courses that helped me I’ve mentioned above  The Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome (SNOS) and Extreme Review.

The SNOS made me write more, helped me become more conscious of what I was doing, stick at things and be accountable. Extreme Review was the course that I found that I could implement and have success with.  Outside help in the way of coaching from Erica Stone helped set things up and give me the boost in confidence to continue on and get it finished.

I think these 2 courses are 2 of the best available one for getting you focused and leaving behind the shiny new object mentality and the other as a system to implement to generate the income you want from spending time on internet marketing.

There are other good courses available online too (Pajama Affiliates Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course – another of my favorites) but the important thing is to commit, get started and stick with it through the bad times (normally these come first or seem like it) and the good.

What’s your experience been like with internet marketing and searching for the Holy Grail? (Don’t forget to let me know what it is if you’ve found it!)

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