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affiliate marketingI’ve been on a quest to build a profitable online business for a number of years favoring the affiliate marketing business.

In that time I’ve tried a number of ways on how to achieve this. They do fall into two camps really – trying to find a short cut or loophole and what I’ve been most successful with is creating the best content I can that helps the visitor to a website.

I know some people seem to be successful with the first method but I know think it’s not for me – I can’t keep up with it and I now no longer think it’s the right way to go. I’m now for producing the best you can and building a business with affiliate marketing.

Common Concerns Of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has some advantages – no products to create or supply, no customers to a certain extent and it can be done without an email list. It does have the risk that you are reliant on the supplier and you are having to find new visitors especially if you don’t have an email list – you building someone business which they pay you a commission for.

On top of that general concern there are the technical aspects you worry about when getting started and as you create your business:

– How to find a niche

– How do I build a website

Once you got over the initial technical concerns there is:

– How do I write good content (this was/is a big concern of mine)

– How do I get traffic to the website

– How do I help visitors so they click my links (another big concern of mine)

– Do I need an email list and if I do how does it work for subscribers and my benefit

It can be hard not to get overwhelmed or bitterly disappointed as you take what feels as punch to the stomach. It gets hard to pick yourself up.

What Do You Think About Affiliate Marketing Or Internet Marketing In General

There is something about do this affiliate marketing thing that you seen to getting your plastic cards out a lot and paying for things after being told that it doesn’t take much money to get started. It all mounts up. As well as the money there is the time spent on it.

You start thinking the money could be better spent on holidays, paying bills or just about anything.

The time spent might even be more productive watching some reality TV and much more importantly with your family.

You get to the stage you doubt yourself and that it is a complete waste.

Then there is the frustration when something doesn’t work out as expected.

I had for a long time I would start a method and hit a road block or challenge or get stuck. I’d then start looking for the latest shiny object to help me or move on to something new before finishing and following through properly.

It’s commonly called the shiny new object syndrome. It’s something many people struggle with, as I did. I’m still not completely free of it.

It’s not all done to the quality of the course but they should take a good share of the responsibility as some of them are just not up to their promises. That’s another thing they do is change your mindset that you can hit it out of the park with your first attempt. It stops you thinking it as a business and more like you just got the winning lottery ticket.

But it’s not like that (for most of us) it’s not an overnight success but about building a business bit by bit for the long term. Once you’ve found a method that works your first site might not do as much but you are learning and your next one will do.

It can seem like a hobby too where you keep buying course, well it did for me for a long time, whereas it needs to be a business and treated like it from day one.

Getting The Right Guidance

One thing you find is that there is people out there who just set out to get your money and they give everyone a bad name and can make you feel stupid at first and then cynical and jaded.

But there are people who are out there that do provide quality courses and show you the right way to do it – building a business that helps people. It might not be the most exciting but it works. (I doubted for a long time that you could make money without having to build backlinks to get traffic – but I’ve been proved wrong fortunately.)

There are forums but a lot of time they can be full of people who don’t know what they are talking about or they are busy telling you that nothing works.

Instead you can see me educate myself further on how to make the most of the affiliate marketing opportunity and business letting you know what works for me along with continuing to review products (and implementing them) so you don’t end up with a dud.

Let’s Talk About This And Move Forward Together

I’d like to do this where we are talking so we can learn and help each other. So, I’ll start by letting you know my biggest concern now is how to write in a way that is personable and engaging (I did note this above I guess). I’m putting effort into this now to educate myself on how you can do this.

For you it could be the struggle with something technical like starting a blog, finding a niche or keywords, not being organized enough or that you’re feeling guilty about the time spent on it.

Tell me about them – and be sure to join my affiliate marketing tips list so I can let you know about the good tips I come across which should help you get to profitable business quicker.

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