Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome Review Part 6 – The End?

I’d always thought that the internet marketing niche was too competitive and who would want to listen to someone who isn’t successful anyway. So I stayed away from it until I re-read Tiffany Lambert’s Guide To Shiny New Object Syndrome and then put it into practice.  It is the reason why the IM Product Blogger blog is here. It is just over 2 months since I made my first post.

The Guide is written for newbies or those that haven’t made it yet and is based on the idea that people without experience (or success) are the best people to review products for newbies. They can actually see if it works by trying it out and giving a genuine review and not someone who is writing it to promote it. Plus they need to be buying new products.

You can see my review of the guide itself here: Shiny New Object Syndrome Review Part 1.  (I give my decision below based on further experience of putting the techniques into practice).

After thinking about it a bit more, i can see how someone who isn’t successful can be one of the best people to write about the IM niche. They have the right perspective as they actually see it from the buyers point of view. When you look at other niches you see successful blogs written by newbies on various topics like losing weight, getting fit, getting out of debt or working to financial independence and more.


This morning I was checking through the various affiliate network reports to see if there were any clicks to offers, I saw something more. There it was, what I was hoping for, a sale and a commission. To my mind this validates the idea that someone who writes the best reviews they can based on their actual experience of implementing with honest opinions can actually help people in their buying decision and make a little money along the way.

It is not a life changing amount of money in anyway but it certainly helps in giving a boost to knowing you are doing something worthwhile and it could pay its’ way too.

My Decision

This is an excellent guide on how to write comprehensive reviews on products from any niche and in particular the IM niche.

There is one area that concerned and that was getting traffic. I have not been getting very much and there is little guidance on this in the Guide. It appears you can get it without really promoting your blog and based on the experience of this blog getting visitors and a sale.

However, I have now added 2 techniques from a course called Wicked Simple Profits by Shawn Anderson that complements Tiffany’s guide. See my review of it here.

My Recommendation

If you are a newbie or someone with a few years experience and struggling with an addiction to Shiny New Object Syndrome this Guide can help you to profit from your struggles by turning all those product purchases into an income stream through you implementing the strategies in them and reviewing/ writing about the experience.  It gets a big thumbs up from me. It works (I made a commission) and I will continue on working it.

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