Guide to Cashing in On Shiny New Object Syndrome Review – Part 1

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I’ve been on Tiffany Lambert’s (formerly Dow) email list for a long time, and she is one of the few people that I still open and read – sometimes it is only a quick scan, but many times I read and click through to her blog and watch her video and read the post. I’ve been a long time lurker and I’ve not left a comment or emailed her in this time.

Anyway, it was last year when she released the Guide To Cashing In On shiny New Object Syndrome, and it sounded just what I needed to stop what was my buying frenzy, as I bought one product after another in search of a shiny money machine that would help me reach my lifestyle and money goals. I bought it and I quickly read through it and thought that looks good I should do this.

However, almost 12 months later I haven’t done anything and continue to buy more than a few products that were going to help me become a full time online affiliate marketer.

And then, for some reason I remembered all about Tiffany’s guide and that it was definitely well past the date I did something about it.

Tiffany Lambert comes across as honest and someone who does really care about her readers and customers. I enjoy reading her blog and emails. She certainly speaks her mind about internet marketing. You get real insights in to how she gets stuff done (and she is prolific) while having a hectic and full personal life. I find her stories and insights interesting and she lets you in on what is going on in her life and how she gets on with it and earns a full time income from affiliate marketing, PLR products and IM products.

This does mean that I do expect this course to be good as I go through it for the second time and go through it properly for the first time. I hope I’m not disappointed. Ms Lambert has a lot of credibility with me from reading her blog and other of her products I’ve bought.

The Review Process

This review is going to be in depth and will stretch over a number of blog posts. I will be going through the course and implementing and letting you know how I get on as I do this. I’ll let you know what I like about it and what I didn’t. I’ll take the sales page and course apart and examine it so I can see if it works and if it delivers on the promises made in the sales letter.

The Sales Letter

My first impressions are that it is a simple sales page with a header graphic and picture of the e-book the only things that would let you know it was anything to do with make money online from first look. There are no images of how much cash she’s earned or a long video talking about her life.

I get annoyed with the sales letter has a video where the marketer drones on and on about themselves and what this product will do for me. The worse ones are where the video is the only thing on the page, there are no pause buttons and you don’t know how long its going to take and they tell you for what seems like an hour that they will get straight into the content and there wont’ be any fluff. So, the lack of a boring video is definitely a big plus.

When reading a sales page I like to do a quick scan of the page and head for the bottom to see if I can see how much it is going to cost. This one scores a big plus for me you can easily find the price there at the bottom next to the big buy button.

On to the sales letter copy. The headline speaks to me, as mentioned above, I’m an addict and want to earn income online. It is “Turn Your Addiction into an Income”. The first sentences really describe how I am (unfortunately), it looks like she really understands my problem.

And next she isn’t going to try and stop me from buying stuff, but show me a way to make money from it based on how she manages to make money from her implementation process of products she buys.

Next she talks about being really being enthusiastic about a product then one day you just move on to the next (another punch in the face in a good way!).

Okay next  she has a condition – and that is, you have to be honest and then her system will. I think I can handle that. If I do I’ll get conversions, followers and traffic (sounds great).

Okay, now we’re into what the course is about – the right mindset, how to set up a blog, no “confusing SEO”, and the main part of the course is a 10 step process that you use every time you buy something new. Sounds simple too.

And then something I like; she lets you know that there are no one time offers from her. She then spells out what you will need to implement her system – a domain name, hosting and an auto-responder and of course shiny new objects.

And finally the close and the price – it is all spelt out plainly and without hype.

I like the sales letter with its lack of hype and the straightforward way it goes through what you can expect to get from the course.

For me what I am expecting to get from the course is:

1. Something that helps me with my buying addiction
2. A way to help me to implement what I learn from the course
3. Make money from buying Shiny New Objects

The Order Process

Ordering and buying is simple. As promised in the sales letter there are no upsells or anything else. It all goes smoothly and is run by clickbank (a large digital marketplace) and you can buy using paypal or your credit card.

No problems in getting what I paid for it all was delivered smoothly. The course is all contained in one PDF document that I received right away. So far it is all going well.

That’s all for today. Next up is implementing.

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