Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome by Tiffany Lambert (Dow) – Review Part 3

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Now I’ve completed setting up my blog I am ready to get into implementing The Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome strategy.

This a 10 part series of steps that show you how to analyze a product, implement it, write about it and the possibility of making money from the implementation or your analysis of it.

But before we get to those steps there is a good discussion on what you need to choose. And it is a simple idea as it says in the sales letter, it is basically products you buy (the shiny new objects) initially at least.

There is another reiteration of how important it is to be honest, so that your readers get the full picture – what was good and what was bad, what worked and what didn’t. This will help with the popularity of your blog. I can understand this point is important but I do find it difficult to criticize in print. It make me feel uncomfortable to ssay the least.

But as you get well known you may get offers from product owners to endorse their products. Here she warns you about the response you may get from product owners when you agree to review in an unbiased way pointing out the good and bad. Its good advice and I’ll be following this when it happens.

Right, now into the 10 step process:

Step 1 This is about setting the scene with your readers, so they understand why you are looking at this product. Makes sense to me, as your reader might suspect there is some bias in your review if they don’t understand this background.
There is good advice about writing for your reader but not forgetting the search engines.

Step 2  In this step it is all about analyzing the sales page and it makes sense as the place to start the review proper as this where you should get the idea of what you are getting into.  I should be doing this anyway before I buy anything – but I don’t. Just followed the process and it certainly helps you make up your mind whether to buy. I like this step – it annoys me doing it – but I think it does make for a more informed buying decision depending on the quality of the information in the sales page.

Step 3  Here, you are letting people know what to expect once you hit the order button.

Step 4  Be consistent is the message in this section, if you want to take advantage of returning traffic and you don’t necessarily have to do your review in one day. I like her other reason for doing it this way is that it keeps you accountable and is an example for others to follow as well.

Step 5 Here the step is about letting readers know how you are getting on with it, which is something have not done particularly well in this review, i.e. what went well what didn’t etc.

Step 6 This is vital for credibility and  as she says your audience will want to know your outcomes, so let them know.

Step 7 And as expected you need to share your thoughts and whether it is worth buying or not. She also includes some great advice on how to profit even from a bad review.

Steps  8 – 10 These are about making it easier for your readers to follow your reviews, how you can keep them fresh for the benefit of your readers and how to add more value.

Finally there is a way to get more value out of your reviews and status for yourself and your readers. This is something you can’t do right away as you need to build your reputation by being consistently producing quality reviews. Plus, there is a suggestion as to a product you could include in your review (I’ve followed her suggestion). I know some people thought this suggestion was in bad taste – me personally I’ve no problem with it. It makes sense to get started on something and why not the guide?

If you’ve followed along you probably have got some idea of the course. The parts of the course I‘ve struggled with is describing my feelings and where I’ve had difficulties. But this has been mostly about me then the course itself.

That’s it for now, tomorrow I’ll let you know my interim conclusions on whether the Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome delivers on the sales letter’s promises.

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