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The PledgeThere is always plenty of choices and demands on how you use your time. It can be easy to go off and tangents and just find it has been wasted when you look back it. Well it seems that way to me.

I often do stuff that I realize afterwards just used up some of that most precious resource. I do have ways of planning but they’re not always that systematic. It gets easier to be pulled off course when you’ve not a clear idea of where you are going or how to get there.

One of the things I find I do is get caught up in details without looking at why I’m doing them – where are they taking me.

A couple of years I’ve bought The Pledge by Michael Masterson on the recommendation of someone in a forum I used to be a member of.

After leaving it for a long time , I’m now reading it.

It has really helped me with more certainty and getting a plan.

The book is more than a getting things done book, but it does have plenty on that which is where some people seem to have an issue with it but like it overall.

The book is about setting your direction for getting the most of your life rather than drifting through it without a plan.

For a long time I’ve read self-help books. I think they may have helped me with my thinking on certain things. But I’ve not been good at taking the things from the book and following through on them.

Why This Book?

The book is about putting together a master plan for your life and following through with it. The thing that has struck me about it, is that it is about things to do to improve and move towards an “abundant life”

Some of the suggestions just won’t work for me – like taking a nap at work – that wouldn’t go down well anywhere
I’ve worked. There are some other things like that won’t work in workplace.

There are some that I can do and I’m putting in place. The real point to me of this is that you need to examine how you use your time objectively to see how it actually improves your life now or in the future – examine the use and ask what is the outcome if you continue is it positive or negative.

The book is not a think and it will happen – it’s a think and do and things can start to happen because of the action.

What’s Inside The Book.

Here’s a peak at what is inside The Pledge:

Introduction: How to Live Your Abundant Life Starting Today

Part One: Your Master Plan for an Abundant Life

Part Two: How to Turn Your Biggest Dreams Into Reality (I think this is the best chapter)

Part Three: Your Abundant Life, Day By Day

Part Four: Creating a Richer, More Enjoyable Life

Part Five: The Push You Need to Succeed

Part Six: Skills of the Most Successful

Part Seven: The Obstacles to Your Success – and How to Defeat Them

Part Eight: Building Your Wealth

The Key To Using This Book

The key to this book is Part Two where it takes you through the process of deciding what you want – helping you to think through what is important that to you. Then taking those thoughts to turn them into goals and then to actions you can take day by day.

This type of planning isn’t new but the book does have a clear and easy to follow method – which I’ve followed and now have my own clear plan to get where I want. Will it change? Probably but I should get to those points of change quicker and be more certain of where to go next. I have a clear path to follow.

The rest of the book is about techniques you can use that will help to keep you on track and be more efficient and effective providing examples of how Michael Masterson (the author) has used to achieve his own abundant life. They’ll help but I think doing the steps in Part Two has the biggest impact.

The title The Pledge comes from a statement in the Introduction that the author wants you to sign to get you to stick with the plan and follow through for a year. I signed it – it can’t hurt and it might help me to not get off track making a commitment like that.

Do you have the book? I’ve got other books that have a life planning goal setting section but I think this has a good practical way of laying it all out to make it simple to do. And I’ve done it. Do you have a system you follow?

The important thing is to actually do the planning and then follow through with it.

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