Frank Schwarz Fast Profits With Hangouts Review – A Test

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I’ve been seeing some very good results with implementing the Profit With Hangouts training by Frank Schwarz to make commissions with product launches. I now want to see what happens when I try a different niche with a different YouTube channel and not product launches

One of my sites used to have a post ranking number one for a long tail keyword with 120 exact match searches a month. I used to make between $50 – $100 each month when it was ranking at the top of Google. Over time with Google changes it now ranks at number 21 position. The site itself is not loved 🙁 – so doesn’t have any pages ranking well now.

What I’m Going To Do

To see if I can get my post to move back up the rankings and get more Page 1 rankings, I’m going to do a Hangout. I’ll be optimizing the resultant YouTube video and building back links as taught in the course. I’ll being linking the video to my “unloved” post and also embedding the Hangout on it.

The hangout will be a 2 minute slide presentation using the screen share function, so I won’t be seen on it. I’ll be speaking over it.

The whole process takes me about an hour or so now, I’m sure I can get this done quicker too. Doing the Hangout itself is quick, it is the backlinking and optimizing that takes the time. It’s still could be quite a good return on my time if I was to earn an extra $50 a month from it for a few months, and I’m getting paid to learn more and build my ability in presenting. I’m hoping I’ll be able to leverage this in time.

Current Situation Before Hangout

What I’ve done up to now is put up a 39 second video of slides to music, and run a RAM campaign to see if I could get some rankings, traffic and sales.

The answer to that is yes and I’m making up to $40 a month from it at the moment.

To summarize the current positions on Google:

RAM Sites: 2,3 (and more on page 3 and beyond)

YouTube Video 17

Site Post 21

Half Hour After Google Hangout:

With the Hangout’s I was doing for product launches I was seeing the video ranking on the first page within 30 minutes of finishing them. This seem to happen more consistently the more I did. I think this is to do with the channel gaining authority with people viewing, subscribing and liking the page.

This didn’t happen with this Hangout. The positions at the half hour point was:

YouTube: Position – 1

Google Video Search Position – 2

Google Universal Search – Not found

Only ranking change on Google was for my site’s post to move from position 21 to 20. I’m not sure if that had anything to do with Hangout.

When I first started it could take up to 2 days for the Hangout to appear on Google. So, I guess patience is needed. I’ll be updating this post to report back on what happens over the next couple of days. (I’ll be trying to stop myself checking the ranking every 5 minutes.)

Situation After 1 Day – Feb 16

Nothing changed about 24 hours since I completed my Hangout, backlinked and optimized as peer the course. Current positions still the same.

As well as waiting around for a day to pass and regularly checking to see if the Hangout was ranking I recorded a Hangout for a product that just launched. Like clockwork it was ranking number 1 in Google for the product name within 30 minutes. Great to see that happening again.

Situation After 2 Days – Feb 17

2 days later and there have been some changes but nothing startling. Here they are:

RAM Sites: 2,3 (and more on page 3 and beyond) (No change)

YouTube Video 20 (previously 17)

Site Post  19 (previously 21)

Google Hangout: 22 (previously N/A)

Okay, not earth shattering nor totally hopeless. It will be interesting to see if rankings improve over the next few days. I’m not sure I proved anything with this either way. I’ll update in a few days.


Although I’m waiting to see what happens with this experiment,however based on my previous results I think Google Hangouts are great and they seem to rank fast when you follow the training in Profit With Hangouts.

Once you get over the initial “learning curve” which is fairly small – it’s a matter of working on the delivery and being organized. You don’t have to appear on screen. Frank Schwarz provides help in the Facebook group and responds to questions pretty quick too,


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Feb 23 Update

Just a quick update giving current positions. I’ve done nothing more to help any of these. Rankings on Google are:

RAM Sites: 2,3 (and more on page 3 and beyond) (No change)

YouTube Video: 8 (previously 17) (not expected at all)

Site Post  20 (previously 21)

Google Hangout: Not found (previously N/A)

Didn’t expect that with my YouTube video, so I know have 3 sites on page one. More sales I wonder? I’ll report back in a weeks time.


Mar 1 Update

Not much change since last update. Hangout still not ranking in Google. interestingly I am still getting my hangouts to rank in the niche for Launch Jacking Boss using Profit With Hangouts

RAM Sites: 2,3 (and more on page 3 and beyond) (No change)

YouTube Video: 6 (previously 17) (not expected at all)

Site Post  21 (previously 21)

Google Hangout: Not found (previously N/A)

Nice to see the video to be ranking better and surprised. I’ll be adding a new Hangout this for a related keyword to see if that helps with rankings.


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