February 2016 Results Summary

IFebruary Revenue Results‘m back with my second revenue report ever for the month February 2016.

Unfortunately, after a very bright start for the year with a good strong growth in January things have dropped back for the month.

This is despite adding more posts to my sites, not as many as planned but still moving forward with them, hopefully it is just a lull after everyone bought stuff for their new year’s resolutions and things will pick up again.

This months results are the ones that make you test your resolve. There hasn’t been any big drop in rankings from what I can see, although traffic is down slightly but I’ve yet to identify a reason for that yet.

I’ll write more about this on my Extreme Review update as this is where the biggest drop is for the month – it is my biggest source of revenue.

Anyway here’s the revenue and expenses


This is the revenue generated from implementing courses that I’ve talked about on the blog:

Erica Stones Straight Line/Extreme Review $1133.39

1,2,3 One Hour Affiliate $1.33

PotPie Girl’s RAM (no work for 2 years still producing) $121.22

Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome (the course that launched this blog)

1.Straight Line Passive Amazon Commissions $7.30

2.Pajama Affiliates $1 Fast Pass  $0.50

Total $1,263.74 (last month $2,163.75)


Hosting $29.95

Online Business Insiders $12.00

(Erica Stone and others internet marketing help forum)

Keyword Tool $19.95

Rank Tracking Tool $19.95

Courses Bought (see below) $43.00

Total $124.85 (last month $244.52)

Revenue Less Costs $1,138.89 (last month $1,919.23)

Total reduction $780.34

Affiliate Marketing Reviews Published This Month

I published the following 2 reviews this month

Buyer Keyword Bonus (which keywords are the best buyer keywords)

Pajama Affiliates How To Write Blog Posts That Convert (actual techniques used on a successful blog)

Traffic to this blog:

Here’s a brief summary of the blogs traffic/visitor results this month (last month). Some growth evident with more regular posting and social media sharing.

Google 156 (107)

Other Search Engines 12 (4)

Direct 107 (44)

Social 63 (0)

Referral 18 (194 – looked like spam)

Bounce Rate 52.84% (79.94%)

Time On Site 3:49 (1:07)

Points To Note

It is hard to stay motivated when the income dips like it has. It seems to be more about people not buying as much once they are on Amazon rather than a drop in conversions from my sites.

Some of the decrease is due to the drop in traffic but that doesn’t explain the 42% drop fully. At least the revenue was above $1,000 for the month is the best I can say I guess.

I learned the importance again of focusing on the visitor in helping them with their concerns when writing content – so if they get what they want they’ll be more likely to click the link and I receive a commission.

Next Month

I’ll be looking to review some more products on this blog (and post on Warrior Forum) as well as more for my Extreme Review sites – in fact I need to push harder on this to get more out to produce better and more quality content that helps visitors with their problems – in that way it will help me.

I’m going to also try an experiment on one of my highest traffic pages to see if using the some of the techniques from How To Write Blog Posts That Convert can boost it – it has a low number of clicks through to Amazon that I’d like to see.

I’ll report back on that in March’s revenue update to let you know how it gets on.

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